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Special Needs Children And Abuse-Is Your Child Really Safe

special needs children and abuse prevention

Child Abuse & Neglect


Families with children with special needs have experienced their children to be abused more often than you might realize, If you Google special needs children and abuse, you will find article after article of children who have been abused and neglected.  Many of these children has special needs, one reason is many of these kids are non-verbal and are not able to ask for help? So many of you might be thinking, how does a family protect their child from being abused and neglected?


Tracking Devices


Many of the articles you read recommends using tracking devices which you can attach to your child, it is recommended parents purchase the type of tracking device which can be attached to their child without being obvious. If your family is living on a limited budget because of high medical expenses  you are not alone, there are inexpensive tracking devices which will work very well, such as luggage tracking devices and pet tracking device products.  Several children were tracked down and their predator caught due to these kids wearing this type of tracking device, so consider one of these inexpensive devices to protect your special child.


Special needs children abuse prevention tips


Video Monitors


Another recommendation was to install video monitors in your home, this was especially recommended for families which has childcare services coming to the home. You can purchase these video monitoring systems for about four-hundred dollars or less, most families are able to invest one-hundred dollars or less for an adequate video monitoring system for their home. Sadly, there are people employed by these child services who are in search of children who are vulnerable. This really is a small investment for the safety of your child, keeping your eye open for bargain deals you can purchase these systems at a very affordable price.


Child Abuse Facts


On the average more than five children experience death per day due to child abuse and neglect, this statistic is only an estimate in the United States alone. Over six million child abuse reports are received yearly in the United States, over fifteen million children witness violence of some type in their own homes per year.


Children experience serious harm or risks due to abuse and neglect in may ways, this experience can affect a child for the rest of their lives. Neglected children are more common than we wish to believe, anytime a child’s caretaker fails to provide the child’s needs the child is being neglected. Children with special needs who are non-verbal often are more difficult to help recover from such a dramatic experience, families can’t do too much when they are protecting their child from potential abuse or neglect.


children abused and neglected


The majority of children who are abused and neglected know the person or person’s, most often the abuser is someone the child knows and  trusts. It often is not a stranger you need to be aware of, many of the abusers to these innocent children are people you would never suspect.


  • Nannies
  • Babysitters
  • Nurses
  • Pastors
  • Teachers
  • Classmates
  • Family Members
  • Friends Of The Family
  • Neighbors


Joyful Heart Fondation


Joyful heart foundation is a national organization on a mission, this organizations mission is to free the world one day from sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. Joyful Heart provides healing, education, and advocacy assistance to families. Started 2004 this organization has raised more than thirty-three million dollars towards ending these types of violence, this is an organization to get involved in or donate if you’re seeking an organization worth donating to.


  • Child Abuse & Neglect
  • Sexual Assault / Rape
  • Domestic Violence
  • Six Steps To Support Survivors
  • Vicarious Trauma
  • Internet Safety


special needs children and neglect


Joyful Heart Foundation


What Is On My Mind Today?


I am on my own mission, my mission is to help families with children with articles which will change their lives in a positive way. If you are interested in getting involved or donating to any charity organizations consider one of the children’s charity organizations available, there are so many children struggling and suffering in the world today, even a small donation to one of these organizations can make a difference for another child.


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Free Coloring Peace Signs-Coloring For Free Benefits


Children & Coloring


Coloring is a great activity to introduce to your child, coloring is a great activity for all children especially children with autism and special needs. The benefits of coloring help children develop many of their skills to be prepared for preschool, I was one of those children who just had no interest in coloring when I was a kid. Amazing now I color regularly mainly with colored pencils, I have found this activity is great to ease my anxiety and stress at the end of my day. So coloring is not only beneficial for children, adults also should take advantage of coloring whenever they can.

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Free Basic Makaton Signs-Signs And Symbols To Communicate With Non-Verbal Children

non verbal and special needs children


Special Needs Children


Do you have a child with special needs who has communication disabilities, many of these children struggle to communicate verbally with other people? Children with autism are just one of the special needs disorders which frustrates children when trying to communicate, consider learning makaton signs to communicate with your child? Maybe this is the first time you have heard of makaton, if so keep reading on and learn more about how this can ease your child’s anxiety to communicate with you?

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Non Verbal And Autism-Communicating With Your Non Verbal Child

non verbal and special needs children


Non-Verbal Communication


Children with special needs such as autism can be very frustrating for parents and family to communicate with, imagine how much energy it would take to communicate without saying one word? It is estimated as many as twenty-five percent of children with autism are non-verbal, imagine having a child which is unable to communicate with you verbally?


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What Is The National Aphasia Association-Help For Aphasia


National Aphasia Association


The national aphasia association is a website with an abundant amount of information on aphasia, this organization provides valuable information for victims of this communication disorder. Anyone interested in learning more about this disorder should visit their website, there are many resources to help anyone with this disorder and their families to learn to cope much better. I learned a great deal from this website in such a short time, I recommend anyone interested in learning more about this disorder visit this website as well. Continue reading What Is The National Aphasia Association-Help For Aphasia

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Light Up Toys Toddlers-Toddler Toy Buying Tips

light up toys tips for parents


Parents & Toys 4 Toddlers


Parents often become frustrated and overwhelmed with all the toys on the market today for toddlers, as parents we always want to provide toys for our children which will help them learn and develop. Toys and play is the key to your children to develop and grow, you want toys and games which keep your children’s attention, this should be your first concern when choosing toys. Secondly,  you want products which provide as many developmental benefits as possible, so what are some of the best toys to choose for your toddler?


Related image


Light-Up Toys For Toddlers


When my sons were toddlers,  they just loved light-up toys, these toys were awesome for my sons to learn how to make them light up. Your children will explore and learn from these types of toys, there are many more light-up products for kids on the market today to choose from.  These are especially interesting toys for your toddler with special needs, so what are some of the most awesome light-up products on the market today?


  • Light-Up Gyroscopic Toys
  • Light-Up Bracelets
  • Bright Light Shoelaces
  • Spin Balls
  • Skate Boards
  • Light-Up Lei’s
  • Flashing Star Necklaces
  • Bewitching Lighted Orb’s
  • LED Jump Ropes
  • Light-Up Air Soccer
  • LED Night Disk
  • LED Sky Boards
  • Hula Hoops
  • National Geographic Animal Laser Pegs
  • Glow In The Dark Krypton Putty
  • Star Bright Necklaces


These are some of the light-up toys which are the most popular and provide the most benefits for children, if you are interested in this type of product you can find all of these in one shop at very reasonable prices.


Shop For Light-Up Toys Here


Detail 2


Toddler Toy Tips


Choosing toys for your toddler can be stressful for many parents, focusing on toys which will keep your toddler’s interest and provide them with an overall development experience is your best strategy.


  • Thinking
  • Physical
  • Language
  • Social
  • Emotional


Attention Toys


  • Light-Up Toys
  • Interlocking Blocks
  • Sand Toys
  • Water Toys



Thinking Toys


  • Puzzles
  • Shape-Sorters
  • Clay
  • Play Dough
  • Crayons


Imagination Toys


  • Dress-Up Costumes
  • Toy Tools
  • Toy Phones
  • Doll Houses
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Creative Play Spaces



Pretend Toys


  • Toy Keys
  • Toy Phones
  • Dress-Up
  • Child-Size Garden Toys
  • Room Play Spaces


Active Toys


  • Balance Bikes
  • 3 Wheel Scooters
  • Ride-On-Toys
  • Child-Size Sports
  • Pull Toys
  • Gardening Toys
  • Wagons
  • Swings Playground Equipment
  • Construction Toys



Benefits From Playing


  • Lifting
  • Dropping
  • Observing
  • Exploring
  • Pouring
  • Bouncing
  • Learning
  • Motor Skills
  • Development Skills
  • Self-Esteem
  • Confidence
  • Emotional


What Is On My Mind Today?


Choosing toys for your toddler can be overwhelming for many parents, we all want the best for our children,  and at this age toys which provides learning is what we want the most for our kids. There are many awesome products on the market to choose from for your toddler, take your time in choosing the toys for your child,  and use the tips in this article to help you.


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Exercises Help Balance Problems-Children With Balance Problems Help

balance toys and games for toddlers


Children & Balance Problems


Many children when toddlers seem to be uncoordinated and even clumsy, the majority of children’s balance improves as they become older. Some children experience balance disorders. When your child has a disorder which is causing their balance problems they will often have other symptoms. If your child has several of these other symptoms along with balance problems, it is recommended you consult your physician for a possible balance disorder.


  • Vision Problems
  • Seizures
  • Anxiety
  • Stumbling
  • Tripping
  • Frequent Headaches
  • Dizzy
  • Motion Car Sickness
  • Unsteady
  • Vertigo Feelings Of Floating, Rocking, Merry Go Round


Related image


What Is The Cause?


Many times the cause for toddlers to fall down more often than most other children is unknown, the cause of the child’s balance problems is not always easy for a physician to understand. Usually one of the first things a physician will check is inner ear problems, it is possible for a child to have inner ear damage which can affect a child’s balance. Another common reason is a middle ear infection, these are usually the first places a physician will check for a child with this type of problem?


  • Ear, Head, Neck Injuries
  • Medications
  • Hearing Loss
  • Seizure Disorders
  • Low Blood Pressure


Children With Special Needs


Many children with special needs often experiences balance and uncoordinated difficulty, There are several common reasons for this, motor skills development is one of the most common reasons, another common reason is many of these children experience posture stability which affects their balance. These children are known to delayed development which often affects their stability and muscle strength, does your child walk on their toes? When a child walks on their toes they often appear to be clumsy or have a balance problem, observing how your child walks can often be clue to the reason they are having balance issues?


Related image


Balance Toys & Games


  • Balance Boards
  • Stepping Logs
  • Spooner Boards
  • Hoppers
  • Pogo Jumper
  • Trampolines
  • Go Go Handles
  • Balance Pods
  • Musical Toys Promotes Child Dancing
  • Spinning Plates
  • Summer Ski
  • Yoga Wobble Cushion Trainer
  • Floor Surfer
  • Balance Bikes & Trikes


Fold and Go Trampoline


What Is On My Mind Today?


The first thing which comes to my mind is to give your child extra time to develop if they have special needs, many of these children develop slower than other children their age. If your child shows other symptoms you should consult your physician, hearing and vision problems are the most common causes of children with balance issues. My oldest child has autism, he did take longer to be able to walk than my other children. The toddlers trampoline was very useful for my son, this helped him develop stronger legs since he was not as physically active as my other children. The toddler trampoline has a bar which encouraged my son to pull himself up and sturdy himself and after he was comfortable standing,  he did learn to bounce. There are many balance products on the market for your child today, these are worth investing in and have helped many children with balance problems.





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What Is The Best Education Toy For 3 Year Old-Signs Your Child Needs Help

educational toys for three year olds


3 Year Old Educational Development


Every child develops in their own time, healthy three-year- old children develop primarily through exploring and using all their senses. When the child plays they are able to ignore distractions and focus on their playing. Persistent in completing whatever they are involved in, these children will think more creative and methodically than many adults think to solve their goal.


Language Skills


Language for your three-year-old should be growing at this time, your child should be using new words and improving their punctuation. Communication should be in simple sentences and they should be starting to initiate conversations, your child should be listening and understanding conversations at this time and learning their alphabet, numbers, stories and memorizing the word to children’s songs.


Related image


Logical Reasoning


Your child should be developing logical reasoning as they play, your child should be able to put together simple puzzles. Classify and sort objects by color and shapes, their physical abilities are improving and they are able to ride tricycles and swing by themselves.


Emotional Growth


Emotionally your child still needs familiar adults nearby for them to feel secure and safe, they should become more independent and able to do more things on their own. Socially they should be forming new relationships with other children their age, the child should be recognizing other people by names at this time. Children this age should be able to sing some of their favorite songs, playing simple musical toy instruments should be something they are doing now and most children this age are into role playing games.


Related image


Children With Special Needs


Children with special needs experience developmental delays. If your child is not up to the things mentioned which three-year-old children should be doing it does not mean your child has special needs. Some children do develop slower than the average child described in this article, there are some signs which you should be aware and if your child has them,  you should consult your physician and have your child evaluated.


Special Needs Vision


  • Rubs Eyes Often
  • Struggles To Follow Objects And People With Their Eyes
  • Holds Their Head In An Awkward Position-Tilting To One Side
  • Problems Picking Up Objects From The Floor Or Table


Image result for 3 year old children with special needs


Special Needs Hearing


  • Frequent Earaches
  • Ear Infections
  • Talks Extremely Loud
  • Talks Extremely Soft
  • Watches Faces intently
  • Delayed Spoken Language
  • Turns Volume Up On Toys & Television
  • Problems Understanding What Your Saying
  • Breathes Through Their Mouth


Special Needs Thinking


  • Struggles To Follow Simple Directions
  • Does Not Imitate Adults
  • Lacking In Participating In Creative Processes
  • Drawing
  • Blocks
  • Play Dough
  • Matching Colors & Shapes
  • Completing Simple Puzzles
  • Unable Or No Interest In Pretend Play



Image result for 3 year old autistic children


Special Needs Communication


  • Unable To Speak In Sentences
  • Does Not Point To Objects Or People To Express Their Needs & Wants
  • Rarely Names Family Members & Pets
  • Talks Less Than Most Kids Their Age


Special Needs Movement


  • Stiff Awkward Movements
  • Floppy & Limp Posture
  • Poor Body Control
  • Walking Not As Well As Other Kids Their Age
  • Is Not Able To Walk Up & Down Stairs
  • Frequently Falls When Attempts To Walk Fast
  • Struggles To Draw Shapes & Lines
  • Avoids Being Physically Active


Related image


Special Needs Playing


  • Rarely Smiles At Play
  • Does Not Copy Parents & Siblings
  • Prefers To Play Alone Odd Ways
  • Lacks Interactions With Their Family
  • Plays With Non-Toy Objects


Special Needs Toys







What Is On My Mind Today?


Knowing what your child should be able to do for their age is a big help for many parents to be aware something is not right, many times physicians don’t take parents serious enough especially young mothers. With some of the most common signs of a child who may be experiencing some special needs, this can help a mother know her child needs extra help. Many children with special needs develops in their own time, parents can help them along by introducing them to educational toys which will stimulate them. Playing with your child is an awesome way to form a closer bond with them, this also helps you understand what they enjoy and how you can help them more.


Resources & Help



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What Is The Best Tablet For Kids-Tablets-Apps And Special Needs Children

how special needs children are learning with electronic tablets and apps


Special Needs Children


If you are going to do anything for your special needs child, consider purchasing them their own personal electronic tablet, these are priceless for these children to learn to their potential. Such a small investment for the results your child will receive, there are many apps available which will make using these tablets easier and more productive for your child, some of these apps are even free.




These mobile devices are very beneficial to our special needs children today, many of these children would not be doing nearly as well without these mobile devices. Touch screens are preferred by the majority of these children, many of them have some motor skills disabilities and the touch screen is very valuable for them. These mobile devices motivate many of these children to learn, today you can personalize these devices to customize them for your child’s personal needs. One of the best things is the software is self paced which benefits these children, some kids learn quicker than others so this is important to consider depending on your child’s learning disabilities.


Related image


Tablet Features


  • Mobile
  • Voice Over
  • Zoom
  • Large Font
  • White On Black Display
  • Closed Captioning
  • Voice Control
  • Mono Audio


Provides your child with a voice even when they are non-verbal, enables blind children to learn with voice support. Tablets provide a child to learn with texts and symbols, reading and writing and much more. Using these devices and free application are an inexpensive learning tool for your child, tablets and apps are being designed more and more for these kids in mind.


Related image


Tablets & Apps For Autistic Children


  • Effective Learning Tool Which  Enhances Learning & Independence For Autistic Children
  • Offer Advantages Which Are Versatility In Programming
  • Relatively Easy For These Children To Use
  • Attracts These Children’ Attention


These devices aids autistic children to be able too:

  • Communicate
  • Learn Socialization Skills
  • Structure Their Daily Environments
  • Progress To Their Next Task With Screen Color Changing
  • Provides Alternate Ways Of Communication
  • Simplifies Interaction
  • Interaction Is Predictable For These Children To Understand


Tablets & Apps For ADHD


  • Mind Mapping
  • Visual Based Tools
  • Visual Timetables
  • Organize Thoughts In Visual Way
  • Execute Functions ( Memory, Concentration, Organization )
  • Apps Walk Kids Through Complex Processes
  • Able To Manage Priorities Better


Related image


Tablets & Apps For Dyslexia


  • Personalized Settings
  • Productive Text & Speech Output
  • More Control Through Interface To Set Up Options
  • Font Size
  • Color
  • Background
  • Speech Support
  • Easy To Highlight Words
  • Zooming In For More Detail


Children with reading problems are able to listen to the text which enabled them to comprehend much easier than attempting to read text, these children also benefit from speech recognition which enables them to transcribe anything with their words.


Image result for children with dyslexia


Special Needs Tablets



What Is On My Mind Today?


There are many tablets to choose from which are especially for children with special needs, there are new apps being added to the market all the time especially for these children. With so many children with special needs tablets and apps are being designed with them in mind, even though tablets were not designed at first to be an educational product that is exactly what they have become for these children.


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Musical Toys For Special Needs Children-Music The Fun Learning Tool

one of the top learning toys for special needs kids is musical toys


Music & Special Needs Children


Special needs children are especially attracted to music, music is a fun and effective learning tool. Autistic children especially learn well from musical instruments and toys, this helps these children be more aware and interact instead of being loners and isolate. Music stimulates these kids and promotes responsiveness, encourages them to communicate and grow simply by introducing music to them.


Music As Learning Tools


Do you remember the kiddie songs you learned when you was just a toddler, songs have been used as a learning tool for children because they work? Children are able to learn pretty much anything through these songs, remember the counting song and the alphabet song as a kid you learned? These songs are still alive and active today helping children the same way they helped you, this has to be one of the best educational toys available on the market today for children.


  • Social Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Auditory Sensitivity
  • Language
  • Developmental
  • Communication


Related image


Free Music Downloads


Magical Music offers these types of song which benefit children for absolutely FREE, Magical Music is able to offer these downloads to your child due to many donations from foundations, private organizations, and individuals like you. Many people will make a donation after downloading these songs for their children, donating is totally up to you.


Benefits Of Music


  • Motivational
  • Top Motivator For Special Needs Children
  • Musical Instruments
  • Variety Of Instruments Encourages The Development Of Motor Skills


Related image


Multi-Sensory Benefits


  • Tactile System
  • Kinesthetic System
  • Auditory System
  • Visual System


Brain Benefits


Music processes many regions of the brain in these children simultaneously, musical toys are a very good investment for parents for their children. Music is a stimulant for these kids, you can’t go wrong giving a musical toy to a child as a gift.


  • Sensory Cortex
  • Auditory Cortex
  • Sensory Cortex
  • Hipipocampus
  • Visual Cortex
  • Cerebellum
  • Amygaola


Non-Verbal Benefits


Many special needs kids have difficulty communicating with words, music has provided many of these children a way to communicate with others. This has been a powerful and effective tool for these children to communicate, consider giving a child a musical toy today. Music has become a very popular family bonding activity for families with special needs children, this provides a fun, easy way for families to become closer to their child.


Image result for toy musical instruments


Musical Toy Ideas


  • Developmental Crib Toys
  • Children Toy Musical Instruments
  • Children Toy Mics
  • Desktop Drum Set
  • Kazoos
  • Rainbow Shakers
  • Musical Activity Boards


What Is On My Mind Today?


Musical toys are an inexpensive educational and learning experience for your child, there are many musical toys available on the market today. Musical toy instruments are the most popular among children, even though it might seem like noise to  parents it is a beautiful music experience for your child.


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