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10 Best Childrens Movies-How Movies Impacts Your Child

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Children & Movies


Watching movies has had both positive and negative impact on a child’s mind, there is evidence movies can also effect your child’s overall development. The type of movies determines the impact it has on your child, this is the reason it is important for parents to be careful which movies they allow their child to watch? Children’s movies can be a learning tool when they are watching the right type of movies, children between the ages of four to fifteen are most affected by movies.

  • Child’s Health
  • Well Being
  • Even Your Child’s Mind



Movies affect every child in a different way, children with the tendency to watch movies regularly often play outdoors much less than other children. Watching movies excessively has has a negative impact on many children’s school grades, parents must monitor their child’s watching movies for their child to be healthy.


10 best children's movies


What Type Of Movies Is Your Child Watching?


The type of movies your child is watching can have a big impact on their lives, the majority of children prefer movies which are action, thrillers, romantic, and horror. Movies which exhibits a learning message has a positive impact on your child, educational and adventure movies are most often a positive impact on a child.

  • Robin Hood
  • Jurassic Park
  • Lion King
  • Ice Age
  • Jungle Book
  • Leo The Lion


These movies are interesting to children and provide a positive impact on your child, next lets look at the comedy movies and their impact on your child?


Children & Comedy Movies


Comedy movies are fun and entertaining for the entire family, this type of movie is a good choice for relaxation and to relieve stress. Comedies in general are a good choice for your child to watch, the only things parents must consider is if the language and verbal jokes are appropriate for your child?

  • Tom n Jerry Tales
  • Mr Bean
  • Adam Sandler Movies


10 best childrens movies


Children & Romantic Movies


Romantic movies usually are not a good choice for children, many of these types of movies have inappropriate scenes parents will not approve. Studies have shown romantic movies with sexual content has increased the interest of sex in children at a much younger age, most of these types of movies parents needs to check out carefully before allowing their child to watch?


Children & Fairy Tale Movies


Fairy tale movies are the recommended safest movies for parents to introduce to their child, most of these movies interest children and have a lesson for them to learn.

  • Snow White & The Seven Dwarves
  • Cinderella
  • Beauty & The Beast
  • Princess And The Frog


10 best childrens movies


Children & Horror Movies


Most of these types of movies can be a poor choice for your child to watch, many children experience dramatic consequences after watching these types of movies. Nightmares are not the only impact parents need to be aware of, horror movies has been found through studies to be the major cause of many children’s sleep and anxiety disorders.


Children & Action Movies


Action movies most often provide a negative impact on children, these types of movies most often show bad behavior and inappropriate language for children. Many of these movies can give a child the impression drinking alcohol and smoking is cool, you will find very few movies of this type without sexual content. The last negative impact these movies give children are violence and cruelty, these movies most often only provide a negative impact on a child.


Ten Best Children’s Movies



10 best childrens movies


What Is On My Mind Today?


Parents must be very careful with what movies their children watch, some of the movies you would presume is a good choice for your child might contain inappropriate content to you? My mother once bought a movie she thought was for children,  actually was an adult cartoon movie with very inappropriate content for her grandchildren to watch.


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