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beginner guitar riffs

Beginner Guitar Riffs

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Guitar Riffs

Beginner guitar riffs are fun and easy to learn to play, but maybe you really are not sure what guitar riffs are. Guitar riffs are a combination of notes or chords which is used in a song, Guitar riffs can be repeated in a song over and over, but guitar riffs can also be played as a solo by the lead guitarist. Most beginner guitar players will know guitar riffs from the memorable part of their favorite songs, you can find thousands of beginner guitar riffs to learn to play.

Popular Guitar Riff Songs

  • Guns And Roses-Sweet Child Of Mine
  • Metallica-Enter Sandman
  • AC / DC-Back In Black
  • Eric Clapton-Layla
  • Deep Purple-Smoke On The Water
  • Rolling Stones-Satisfaction
  • Jim Hendrix-Voodoo Child

The Benefits Of Learning Guitar Riffs

  • Makes Learning To Play The Guitar More Interesting
  • Most Effective Learning Technique
  • Motivating
  • Easy To Learn
  • Keeps You Interested
  • Relaxing
  • More Enjoyable
  • Encourages Practicing
  • Improves Developing Your Guitar Skills
  • Guitar Riffs Are Easier Than Learning To Play Chords

The Best Guitar Riffs For Beginners

  • Judas Priest-Breaking The Law
  • The Rolling Stones-Satisfaction
  • Roy Orbison-Oh, Pretty Woman
  • The Beatles-Daytripper
  • Metallica-Enter Sandman
  • Deep Purple-Smoke On The Water
  • Michael Jackson-Beat It
  • Eric Clapton-Wonderful Tonight
  • Bon Jovi-Wanted Dead or Alive
  • Led Zepplin-Whole Lotto Love
  • AC / DC-Back In Black
  • Aerosmith-Walk This Way
  • Lynrd Skynrd-Sweet Home Alabama
  • Jim Hendrix-Purple Haze
  • Chuck Berry-Johnny B Goode

beginner guitar riffs

Beginner Guitar Riffs Tabs Free

  • Guitar
  • Take
  • National Guitar
  • Tabs For

You might want to check out these free beginner guitar riff tabs websites, I am sure you will find more than enough beginner guitar riffs on these websites to get you started. Most of the popular beginner guitar riffs are available for free on these websites, so when you have the free time you should check them out.

Beginner Guitar Riffs Top Sellers Guitar Center

Guitar center is the largest guitar store chain in the world, you have a very good chance you will find one close to you. If you happen to live in an area without a local guitar center, you can order from them online.

  • Hal Leonard Acoustic Guitar Riffs Tab Songbook
  • Hal Leonard Blues Riffs Rhythms Secrets DVD
  • Lick Library Blues Licks For Absolute Beginners DVD
  • Alfred Greatest Rock Guitar Riffs Guitar Tabs Book And DVD-ROM
  • Twelve Bar Blues Riffs Hal Leonard Guitar Book And CD
  • Homespun Rhythm In Your Riffs DVD

Beginner Guitar Riffs YouTube Videos

Another good beginner’s guitar riffs resource which is free is YouTube videos, I must admit I spend much of my free time learning and listening to guitar videos on YouTube. I really suggest you check out YouTube whenever you get the chance, but until you do here are some of my favorite beginner guitar riff YouTube videos you can check out.

  • Top Three Guitar Riffs For Beginners
  • The First Scale You Should Learn On Your Guitar Plus Ten Riffs
  • Five Led Zeppelin Riffs Perfect For Beginners With Tabs
  • Top Ten Simple Guitar Riffs
  • Ten Must Learn Blues Guitar Riffs Easy To Play
  • The Classic Blues Riffs For Beginners
  • Easy Blues Guitar Licks One Chuck Berry Style
  • Thirty Beginner Blues Riffs

beginner guitar riffs

Beginner Guitar Riffs Amazon

Amazon is often the first place the majority of people check for whatever they might be shopping for, I have shared with you Amazon’s beginner guitar riff resources to save you time.

  • Power Chords-Beginner Guide Twenty Killer Rock Riffs Hal Leonard Guitar Method Songbook
  • One-Hundred Ultimate Blues Riffs For Guitar Beginners Seriers
  • Beginners Guide To Electric Guitar Gear, Guitar Techniques And Tons Of Guitar Riffs Book And CD
  • Seventy Guitar Riffs Hal Leonard Riffs Notes

I am a big fan of Hal Leonard guitar resources, you can always depend on easy to understand instructions from any of Hal Leonard’s guitar instruction resources.

Beginner Guitar Lessons

Anyone interested in a free full access two week trial to Guitar Tricks should check them out, you will find their guitar video lessons to be slow paced and easy for beginners to learn. It does not matter if you are a complete beginner or advanced guitar player, you will be able to learn and improve your guitar playing with Guitar Tricks video lessons.

  • Guitar Fundamentals
  • Guitar Scales
  • Guitar Music Reading
  • Step By Step Guitar Video Lessons
  • Guitar Purchase Buying Guide
  • Songs Made Easy
  • Practice Techniques
  • Tuning Your Guitar
  • Guitar Basic Maintenance
  • Guitar Blues
  • Country Guitar
  • Guitar Rock
  • Classic Guitar
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar

beginner guitar riffs

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What Is On My Mind Today?

If you are a beginner or advanced guitarist you really should consider learning to play some guitar riffs, so many guitar players experience playing riffs to be enjoyable and a good break from their regular routine. If you are getting kind of bored with playing the same old stuff day after day, I suggest you take a break and learn to play some guitar riffs. Many beginners benefit by learning guitar riffs right away, so many beginners lose interest playing just chords which is how many guitar instructors teach beginners.


  • Christina says:

    Led Zeppelin guitar riffs! This is what I need. My favorite band of all time. I am still such a beginner. But to think I could actually play a riff from an idle like Jimmy Page! I think I may learn that easier than trying to sing like Robert Plant though 🙂 I am constantly being inspired to learn more on the guitar form your site. Thank you for the inspirations!

    • admin says:

      Hello Christiana
      I know you will be even more motivated once you play your
      first guitar riff, you will experience much more enjoyment
      and learn much quicker and easier this way

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