best night lights for babies and toddlers

Best Night Lights-Kids

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Thinking About Night Lights


The majority of people when thinking about night lights kids comes to mind, but night lights provide many benefits for people of all ages. Babies and toddlers are often the first people we think of when it comes to night lights, but how many of you have some sort of night light in your bathroom? People from young married couples to senior citizen’s take advantage of night lights in their homes, lets look at some of the benefits of night lights in your home?

  • People Feel Safer
  • Small In Size
  • Convenient
  • Simple Product
  • Eliminates Falling In The Middle Of The Night
  • Safely Plugs Into Home Electrical Outlets
  • Provides A Soft Light
  • Easy To Use


portable night light for kids

$ 18.00

A comforting companion in the dark our portable nightlight for kids helps foster independence. With an oversize on/off button and an easy-grip handle it’s made with little hands in mind. Portable cord-free nightlight for kids Signature Skip Hop Zoo characters Oversize on/off button for little hands 30-minute Auto-off (slowly dims off)


Other Night Lights For Kids


  • Batman Projection Kids Room
  • Owl Night Light Nursery
  • Star Night Light Kids Room
  • Cat Night Light Lamp
  • Crane Duck Belly Glo Night Light
  • Munchkin Light My Way Owl
  • Boon Glo Color Changing
  • Cloud B Super Max
  • Kids Sleep My Lantern Portable Light
  • Gummy Goods Gummy Bear      


Tips & Tricks Getting Kids To Sleep


When you start your children out young on a good pre-bedtime routine many kids experience less problems falling asleep, so what are some good pre-bedtime habits you can use for your children to fall asleep faster?

  • Relaxing Baths
  • Cuddly PJs
  • Brushing Their Teeth
  • Story Time
  • Tucking Them In For The Night


What To Avoid Before Bedtime

  • Caffeine
  • Late Meals
  • Sugary Beverages


What To Give Your Children

  • Warm Milk
  • Fruit
  • Crackers


tips and tricks for kids to fall sleep quicker


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What Is On My Mind Today?


If you go shopping and keep your eyes open for night lights, you will find night lights for more than just your baby and toddlers. The majority of night light sales are for babies and toddlers, but many people of all ages can benefit from having night lights in their home. Some people can’t sleep with a light of any degree in their bedroom, but often a night light will not prevent these people from being able to fall asleep. Many children go through the big boy or big girl phase and refuse to have a night light in their room, replacing their baby night light with a kids room decor light can solve your problem and still provide a light in your kids room if they happen to need it.


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