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Content is the bread and butter of niche marketing, you can be the worlds best writer and expert in your niche. The only real problem might be, if anyone is really interested in reading your expert advise in your niche or not? Content idea tools are possibly the most valuable tool in your business tool kit, not many other tools are all that important if people are not reading your content. so if your business is new, I highly recommend you consider one of these tools before any other. Just in case your wondering, I do not have the time to research all the things I share with you through my articles, if it was not for my affiliate training program I would not be aware of most of the things I share with you.


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Buzz Sumo


When I first heard this name, I had no idea what this Buzz Sumo did or was? It sure does not sound like a content business tool, but this is one of the higher rated content tools I am going to share with you.  Buzz Sumo claims to analyze what content performs the best for any topic or competitor, This tool is used by some of the top brands in the market today. Not just the top brands have found a use for this tool, also publishers and agencies are using this tool as well.


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Ninja Outreach


Another strange name for a content business tool, Ninja Outreach suggests they can find you thousands of leads in any country at a fraction of the time and cost.  They offer you a free trial of 14 days, excuse me unlimited free trail for 14 days. I would suggest you check this one too, they do the talk very well so find out if they do the walk just as  well by trying them out.


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Portents Content Generator


Well this tools does sound more like a professional tool then the other two, but the name does not always mean the best. You can try this one out right on the page I will share with you in the image link below, there slogan is ” You Got A Title. Great What Is Your Content Strategy ”  Not much more information about this tool on their page, check it out and if you like try it.




Content Idea Generator


This tool’s name gets right to the point, content idea generator. There slogan is “Easy Way To Brainstorm Blogs, Articles, Press Releases, Tweets, Yada, Yada. ”  This one really sounds interesting and cool, you answer 18 simple questions about your products or/and services. Less then one second the generator will generate hundreds of ideas for your articles and posts, this one does tempt me to try it out…….what about you?


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Final Thought


What do you think about these content idea tools, according to my training program these are the best to consider to keep fresh in demand content articles and posts people are interested in. I have not checked these tools out myself yet, I could not wait to share them with all of you. These are without a doubt very valuable assets to your business, what is nice they all have a free trial. So check them out, whichever one appeals to you the most try it out and if it does not please you go on to the next tool . Nothing to risk when it is free to try out, great way to find which one of these tools best works for you.


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