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Christmas Christmas Time Is Here-Foster Care Children And Christmas

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Christmas Time


Most of us think Christmas time to be the most exciting time of the year for children, the excitement of Santa coming and bringing them toys should have every boy and girl anticipating a great holiday. Many of us never think about how children in foster care experience Christmas, it was not until I started to write this article I realized all children are not full of excitement for Christmas to come?




christmas christmas time is here



Foster Care Children & Christmas

The majority of the children living with foster parents experience Christmas to be the saddest day of the year, even children living with very caring foster parents the Christmas holiday brings most children sadness and despair. Many children struggle emotionally during the holidays who  are in foster care, the holidays brings back memories of their families and the homes they had to leave.

Many foster care children never become settled with one foster home, many times these children might be in several foster home in one year. This alone can cause these children with many emotional problems, many feel depressed especially when the holidays are near. The children never feel like a part of the family when they are not living with one family very long, some of the children experience negative feelings about themselves even deserving to be a part of any family.

  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Feelling Broken
  • Worthless
  • Alone
  • Lonely
  • Scared
  • Anxious
  • Depressed
  • Confused


christmas christmas time is here


What Is Christmas All About?

Christmas is all about giving to others less fortunate than ourselves, this time of the year our hearts should be open to giving more than ever? What do families do the most this time of the year think about the children, many families provide their children with gifts and love this time of the year? Most families will get together and celebrate this special holiday, so maybe now you can imagine what Christmas would be like if you had to spend it with a strange family?


Foster Parents Christmas Tips

I like to think the majority of foster parents do their best to give their foster children a nice Christmas, many foster parents might not be able to afford to give the children gifts? Other foster parents might only be able to give each child one small gift, and even though Christmas is the time for giving not receiving this might be very confusing for a young child’s first Xmas in a foster care home?

When possible foster parents should do their best to help the child adjust to their new home, and when you can start preparing the child for the upcoming holidays many children experience less anxiety. It is important to include the child in the preparation of the holiday, so if you are looking for a fun project for bonding how about making Christmas cookies with the child? How many children would pass up the opportunity to bake holiday cookies, this small gesture will help the child become less anxious and at the same time give them the feeling of being a part of the family?


christmas christmas time is here


How about including the child in the planning of the holiday celebration, it is important for a child to know what to expect and feel to be a part of the planning? Foster parents should avoid being bossy with the child, this type of action only hurts the child’s feelings and often will cause the child to withdrawal from the holiday activities completely.

It is very important to get the child’s experiences of past Christmas celebrations with their biological family, many times there are certain traditions which are very important to the child to enjoy the holiday. It is much better to plan with the child for the holiday than just tell the child this is how it is going to be, this makes many foster care children feel like they don’t matter much to their new family.

Foster parents should consider if the child might have any religious customs which are important for them, and even though many times a child comes from a dysfunctional family there are special situations when church is important to a child. Should you force a child to attend your church services on Christmas is another thing to consider, many times forcing a child into new things too soon after joining the family can cause resentment and a distance between the foster parents and the child?

What about Christmas gifts, this is a topic which is important for the child to know before the big day arrives? There are many organizations which will provide toys for needy children, so I really don’t feel there is any excuse for foster parents not to apply for free toys for their foster child. I would imagine any good foster parent would be aware of these organizations and apply early as possible for their child, and when there is not time to apply for free toys, foster parents can always contact churches and explain the situation for assistance.


christmas christmas time is here


Are you looking for another way to bond with your new foster child before Christmas, you could consider taking your child shopping for new clothes for them to wear on Xmas day? The best way to bond with a child is to allow them to know they are special, I have never met a child who expected all that much from anyone except for love.

If possible, it is a good idea to allow the child to know her biologically family is well, this time of the year their biologically family is on their mind much of the time. You can at the least encourage your child to write their family a letter or send them a Christmas card, you could even suggest them make their own homemade card.

Other Bonding Tips

  • Christmas Gift Shopping
  • Xmas Decorating The Home
  • Making Xmas Tree Decorations
  • Stringing Popcorn For The Xmas Tree
  • Listening To Christmas Music
  • Reading Christmas Stories


Understanding The Child

Foster parents with a new child must learn to understand their child, you must understand if they pull away at first that does not mean they are not going to bond with you at a later time? It is common for foster children to isolate themselves when the holidays are getting close, this is often a self coping mechanism for the child.

Your best strategy is to give the child the space they need at that time, you should provide regular opportunities for the child to bond with you and participate in anything going on within the family. Allowing the child to join in at their own pace is your best strategy, and when the child is less emotional they will become more comfortable and join in when it is the right time.

Once the child has settled in to their new home, you should spend one-on-one time with them, this will build trust between you and in time the child will share their feelings and thoughts with you. Maybe you are not a foster parent and are not in the situation to foster a child, well you can still help a fostered child in other ways?


Ways To Help A Fostered Child?

  • Toy Drives
  • Gift Trees
  • Scholarship Funds
  • Red Scarf Project
  • Donate Cash If You Can

christmas christmas time is here

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What Is On My Mind Today?

It is no surprise I am sure to anyone that the foster care system needs positive changes to protect the children, and that is what Foster Club is all about the children and changing the foster care system. For anyone who wishes to become a member of Foster Club it is totally Free, I really believe many of us forgets about these poor neglected children more often than we wish to admit. If it is in your heart to help the foster children, there are many ways you can get involved through many organizations. A good place to get information on how you can help these children is the Foster Club, so if you can open your heart and help these children they will appreciate your kindness very much?


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