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Assistance For Needy Families


This article is all about providing resources for needy families for the holidays, all homes are not decorated with fancy holiday decorations with a pretty Christmas tree. There are more families now than ever in the United States alone who can’t afford a traditional Christmas dinner and nice gifts for their children.  Many of these families are doing without simply because they are not aware there is assistance available, but  before I share the resources you need to understand the steps involved to apply for assistance for the holidays?


What Is Your First Step?


The first step for any needy family is to contact your local or regional office of the United Way, the United Way is the key for families to find the information they need to apply for assistance.


The United Way


What Is Next?


Ask your representative of the local or regional United Way about a ” Christmas Bureau” or community-based, low income holiday assistance program. 


Holiday Assistance Step Three


Obtain from the agency the dates and locations of where your family can sign up to participate in the program, then go to the application site provided on one of the dates of operation. Typically, applications are taken over the course of approximately one week to three weeks before Christmas. 


Christmas Assistance For Families


Applying For Assistance Procedure


  • Complete Application
  • Basic Information Family Income
  • Family Members Ages
  • Basic Family Needs
  • Provides Families With Holiday Meals & Gifts For Children
  • Submit Your Application @ The Site
  • Qualification Will Be Known At That Time
  • Dates & Times For Pick Up Provided
  • Distribution Normally The Week Of Christmas
  • Delivery To Shut-In’s Usually Available


Don’t Allow Your Pride To Ruin Your Christmas


Every family is not fortunate enough to have a happy holiday without some assistance, many low-income families would avoid applying for assistance if it was not for their children? The majority of parents will do without to provide for their children, but with tough times here for many families parents have no choice than to apply for Christmas assistance for their children. Employment is at a high right now, what jobs are available for many parents are part-time and minimum wages. Many parents are both working several part-time jobs just to provide for their children, if you are a needy family in this situation do not hesitate to apply for Christmas assistance.


Sponsoring A Family Program


Sponsoring a family has been going on for over twenty-years through the Bread and Life organization, this organization has raised money to give to poor families, children and our homeless citizens.  This program is available for families in need in the New York City area, this program provides needy families with food baskets and new toys for the children for the holidays.

Register Your Family


bread and life st John


Now Is The Time To Apply


  • Toys For Tots
  • Salvation Army
  • Make A Wish Foundation
  • The Family Tree
  • Angel Tree
  • Christmas For Kids
  • The Center For People In Need
  • The Single Parents Ministry
  • Be An Elf
  • United Way
  • Kids Wish Network
  • The Life You Can Save
  • KINF

What Is On My Mind Today?


Families in need don’t have to have a lousy holiday, there is assistance for families struggling to make ends meet. If not for yourself, do it for your children? Children only have one childhood and as parents we should forget about our pride and provide a nice Christmas holiday for our children. When you are doing your very best to provide there is no shame in applying for assistance, these organizations work very hard all year round just so they can provide families struggling with assistance for the holidays. Now is the time to apply for Christmas assistance so if you qualify get started today in the steps to receive assistance for the holidays.


christmas assistance for families


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  • Marco SJ says:

    I like how you’re already thinking of Christmas. I’m supportive of such ideas because a big theme of Christmas is giving.

    Thanks for writing this post and sharing the resources that you know of.

    You’re right: A family in-need should not have a lousy Christmas. We should try and help in whatever way we can.

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      I appreciate you reading my article and commenting, now is the time for people to apply for Christmas assistance so I am hoping this article motivates people to apply right away and know where they can get help.


  • Prabakaran says:

    Many needy people do not know where to get the help from.
    Many wealthy people do not know how and where to offer their help.
    You have shown the right place for them. Someone doing such job in this selfish world is great. Will you extend this great awareness creating-mission on more occasions?
    Thanks For great post.

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I appreciate your comments on my article, my mission is to help people know where they can get help. I am especially devoted to children organizations, but there are many other organizations I will be sharing in future articles for my readers.


  • Eric Chen says:

    Hello Celiacman,

    This is a very warm article! I still remember when I was child, my parents would take me to the fire station to claim free toys!

    I had no idea it was donated and funded by kind hearted people.

    Your article is very informative for the low income families seeking to have a good holiday with their kids.

    Kind Regards,

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      Your parents did a fine thing taking you to the fire station as a boy for your free toys, when we are kids we do not realize what is always happening. It is great your parents took advantage of the fire station toys, I hope more parents will do this for their children.


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