Down Syndrome And Dating-Is Your Child Ready For Dating

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Down Syndrome


Approximately one of every seven hundred babies born in the USA is born with down syndrome, this is the most common chromosomal condition. About 6000 babies with down syndrome are born in the USA every year, children with this syndrome is living much longer than in the past many up to the age of  sixty years old. With so many special needs children in the world today, there is the big question many people are concerned about? What will their grandchildren be like in the future, should these children be able to grow up and date, marry and have families of their own?


Types Of Down Syndrome


There are three types of down syndrome, most people did not know this including myself. Like many forms of special needs children this syndrome has mild to severe cases. There are many special needs children today functioning well enough they are accepted in our society, they have jobs they go to everyday like you and me. Some even live on their own, so why should these high functioning people with disabilities not be able to date, marry and have children?


  • Trisomy  95%
  • Mosaicism  1%
  • Translocation  4%



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What Is The Difference?


  • Trisomy 21 has one extra copy  of chromosomes in every cell, twenty-one chromosomes and is the most common type of down syndrome.
  • Mosaicism  occurs when a child is born with an extra chromosome in some, but not all their cells. Tends to experience less symptoms than Trisomy
  • Translacation the child only has an extra pair of chromosome twenty-one


Children Born With Down Syndrome


maternal chart for womens risk for down syndrome children


Living With Down Syndrome


Children living with down syndrome do experience a delay in their physical and intellectual development, but many today are graduating from high school, attending and graduating from special colleges, and are employed. The age expectancy has increased to the age of sixty years old, many are high functioning in the community and in the school systems. Some are employed in the health care system, the majority are active in social activities and volunteering. Many are even active in recreational activities, with all this many are more active in their lives than many of us without down syndrome?


Girls / Women


Girls and women with down syndrome has the same interests and desires as any other person their age, teenage girls looks forward to dating and socializing. The majority do have the desire to marry and have children, physically most are able to become pregnant and give birth to a child. Approximately fifty percent are fertile, menstruation for these girls are no different from any other girl. Thirty-five to fifty percent of the children born to mothers with down syndrome are likely to have down syndrome or other developmental disabilities. If the women is physically and emotionally stable with high functioning, the question is should she be allowed to give birth to a child of her own?


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Marriage & Family


There are many special needs children today who will be teenagers and young adults in the future, many of these people will be high functioning and able to earn their own living and even manage their own home. What reason’s can anyone have against people with these types of disabilities to enjoy a normal and happy relationship, any person with down syndrome who is high functioning and healthy enough should have the choice to bring children into the world or not too? Some people will argue if is not right to bring more children with down syndrome into the world, but you and your partner who might be healthy could bring a child with special needs into the world just the same?


Help For Dating With Down Syndrome



Boys / Men


The medical professionals is unsure about the offspring of a down syndrome man would have down syndrome or not, men with down syndrome does have ea significantly lower fertility rate then other men. There just has not been much studies on the male with down syndrome when it comes to fathering children with developmental disabilities, the male does experience the same sexual interest and urges as other men.


What Is On My Mind Today?


This is a very complex situation for a family to make a decision, many parents of down syndrome children might prefer taking the risk to have grandchildren? Others might feel it is better not to bring a child into the world with developmental disabilities, who should have the right to make this decision? Many married women with down syndrome are capable of taking care of a child, possibly they have more rights to make the decision than anyone else since they grew up and live with down syndrome themselves?

education for disabled students






  • Michel says:

    Interesting article with some interesting arguments. I to know a few highly functioning down syndrome people, and I can’t say they seem to be a burden to society at all.

    Maybe in the final decision of whether to have a family or not, one should look at the severity or type of downs syndrome that the person has before making any decisions. I am sure in most cases, the downs person himself should be able to make the decision.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Michel,

      I appreciate your honest opinion on this delicate topic, it is a very serious decision for anyone to make. If the person with down syndrome is mentally able to make a good decision, I agree the decision should be theirs to make and I know many people are going to disagree.


  • Stephen says:

    Hi thanks a lot for this information. HONESTLY, I didn’t know there is a disability in children called Down Syndrome. But I have learned something new from this article.

    For me personally, I think if children with Down Syndrome are capable of finishing their high education and even getting employed and becoming useful in their society then I think they should be allowed to make their decision of dating and getting married.

    Except if on a special medical condition, a doctor advises such individuals not to get married.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for educating me on something new man.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Stephen

      I appreciate you honest opinion on this delicate topic, see people with down syndrome has mental disabilities and many people are against them having children feeling they are just putting more children with mental disabilities into the world.


  • Ally says:

    This is a very delicate question for anyone but I’m sure for a person with Down Syndrome and their family, it is even more delicate. I agree that the decision of readiness to date should be that persons based on their inner feelings. I’m not sure if anyone approaching their upper teens or young 20’s truly knows what’s best for them though…they mainly think about what they want! I’m sure with the support of family, they will get through and make the right decision.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Ally,

      I thank you for commenting on this delicate issue, is it not everyone’s right to choose to date and start a family? Why would it be any different for a person with down syndrome to make this decision from someone without down syndrome, none of us are perfect and we all have issues we are dealing with and it is the rights of all people to choose how they live their lives.


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