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Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners

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Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners

Everyone who has the desire to learn to play the guitar is anxious to start playing songs, you can learn to play easy guitar songs despite being a beginner. There are many easy guitar songs available to beginners which you only need to learn to play three or four chords, I know there is nothing more emotionally motivating as when you play your first song on your new guitar. When I first learned to play the guitar the songs my instructor provided were unfamiliar to me and boring to play, but you can start your search for the first song you wish to learn to play, and then learn the chords you need to play the song of your choice. This post is full of the easiest songs for beginners to learn to play, I have also shared many beginner resources as well.

Easy Guitar Songs To Learn To Play

The songs I am listing for you are easy and fun to play, I recommend you concentrate on just playing the chords properly at first. Many beginners attempt to play the chords quickly which can discourage many beginners, I have learned when you start playing a new song slowly and correctly this is your best strategy. You will experience the longer you play the song the quicker you will be able to change chords, so please don’t be discouraged because you are not able to play the song fast enough at first.

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Lay Em Down

Lay em down is an easy song which is a perfect first song for beginners, you will notice this song is slow and bluesy which allows you plenty of time to change chords. This is important for beginners to choose a song which is slow enough to allow them to change chords easy, you only will need to learn how to play the chords C, G and F to play this song.

Folsom Prison Blues

It seems even the younger generation is familiar with this song, you might have heard this song played and sung by Johnny Cash. Folsom Prison Blues requires you to learn the chords E, A, B, or B7, you will find this is another very good choice for beginners.

Doesn’t Remind Me

This song is played almost completely with the chords E, A and D, and the main verse is played in the chords E and A. I hope you are becoming excited to see you don’t need to learn a lot of guitar chords to play your first song, I really feel the sooner a beginner can start playing songs the more motivated they will be.

Born Free

Born Free is a very easy song for beginners with a very nice chord selection, you will need to learn how to play the chord F sharp, but the majority of the song is played with the chords E and A. This song is a good choice for an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar, so are you starting to get excited about playing your first song.

Pumped Up Kicks

This is my last first song choices for beginners, but once you can play these songs I do have other songs for you to consider learning to play. The majority of this song is played in Dm, F, C and G, and this is the actual order which you play the chords in this song.

Easy And Fun Guitar Songs For Beginners

You have been playing the songs above for a while now and there sounding awesome, but you are starting to get bored with the same songs, and you are ready to learn some new songs now. These songs will really spice up your guitar playing, I have confidence many of these songs will be easy plus fun for you to learn to play.

  • Country Boy
  • Song Of The South
  • Takin Care Of Business
  • I Wanna Hold Your Hand
  • Let It BE
  • Knockin On Heavens Door
  • Old Time Rock And Roll
  • Hotel California
  • Hound Dog
  • Jailhouse Rock
  • Wonderful Tonight
  • Cocaine
  • Country Boy Can Survive
  • Ring Of Fire
  • You Are My Sunshine
  • The Gambler

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Guitar Tricks Video Guitar Lessons

Guitar tricks is an easy and fun way for you to learn to play the guitar online, you will find these guitars video lessons will help you to learn how to play the songs very slowly at first. Each song includes accurate guitar tabs plus standard music notation as well, you will be amazed at the number of songs you can learn to play with Guitar Tricks video lessons.

You will be amazed at how many songs are available for you to learn to play, I have included some of the songs you can learn to play, but you really should consider checking Guitar Tricks out for yourself.

  • Achy Breaky Heart
  • Beethoven Ode To Joy
  • Every Rose Has Its Thorns
  • Kiss From A Rose
  • Runaway Train
  • Simple Man
  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • Take Me Out To The Ball Game
  • The Star Spangled Banner
  • The House Of The Rising Son
  • Wide Open Spaces
  • I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
  • What A Wonderful World

Guitar Tricks is an online subscription service which has been providing online video guitar lessons since 1998, you will have access to more than 11,000 video lessons. Over 600 song tutorials just waiting for you, and you will not be alone with over two million members.

Guitar Tricks continues to expand and provide guitar video lessons online to people with no prior experience of playing the guitar, I do recommend if you are planning on investing in guitar lessons you check Guitar Tricks out.

What The Guitar Center Can Do For You

The Guitar center is the largest musical instrument and accessory store chain in the world, even though they specialize in guitar products you can find a wide variety of other musical instruments and products. The best part is there is a Guitar Center close to most of you right now, but you can order online if that suits you better.

Guitar Center Top Selling Guitar Song Books

  • The Best Hard Rock
  • The Very Best Of Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • 25 Top Classic Rock Songs
  • Top 100 Movie Songs Book
  • 25 Top Metal Songs

These are Guitar Center’s top selling guitar song books, but you can find a very large assortment of guitar song books at a local Guitar Center near you or shop online.

Guitar Center Top Selling Guitar Videos

  • Top Worship Songs
  • 25 Top Classic Rock Songs
  • First 15 Acoustic Guitar Lessons For Beginners
  • First 15 Electric Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Guitar Center Guitar Lessons

Guitar Center provides lessons for all skill levels from the age of seven years old and older, you will learn the key elements of guitar instruction from expert guitar instructors.

  • Finger And Hand Positioning
  • Guitar Scales
  • Arpeggio’s
  • Plus Much More

Guitar Center’s guitar lessons are fun but challenging for both beginners and advanced guitar players, you will be taught by instructors who are experts with credentials from highly esteemed music schools. Guitar lessons are available at your local Guitar Center near you, I would like to add there are also available regular workshops many of you might be interested in checking out as well.

Guitar Center Jam Night Program

Jam night is an extension of your guitar lessons which are fun and casual, you will be able to meet and play the guitar with other guitar members with similar guitar skills as you. If you lack a guitar buddy to play with this is a good opportunity for you to meet a guitar buddy, you can also check out the rock show program as well.

Rock show Program

You will learn with other guitarists with similar skills and interests from an experienced band coach, you might be wondering what can you learn at the rock show program.

  • Playing As A Band
  • How To Write Your Own Songs
  • What Its Like To Be A Part Of A Real Band

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My Recommendations

What Is On My Mind Today?

In my days you had to learn the majority of your chords before an instructor would allow you to play your first song, I recommend you start out by choosing one of the easy beginner songs in this post and learn the chords for that specific song. Once you master the chords, you then can begin learning to play the song of your choice. Start out just playing each chord slowly and focus on perfection rather than speed, you will find by doing this you will save yourself much frustration and beating up on yourself. The longer you play the song the quicker you will naturally get at changing from one chord to another, so why not start today by choosing one of the beginner songs in this post and the chords you will need to learn to play.







  • Timotheus says:

    Your website rocks! (no pun intended)

    This is so cool. I never knew there are so many guitar songs for beginners. And easy ones to learn too. I like the song Born Free, an oldie but goodie. And Pumped Up Kicks! Who doesn’t like this catchy breezy tune?

    Thanks for these and all the easy to learn guitar songs. 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hello Tim
      I am happy you enjoyed this post, I
      shared the most popular songs for beginners
      which are easy to play. Many people don’t
      realize you can start playing songs on a guitar
      almost right away, so many songs are available
      which you only need to learn a few chords

  • Christina says:

    There are some great songs on this list I would love to learn how to play! Your site keeps inspiring me to learn more and practice more with my guitar. I am surprised to see some songs. Listening to them I would think they would be difficult. I am excited to give some a try. One at a time of course. I will take your advice and learn the cords first that are used in the song!

    • admin says:

      Hello Christina
      I thank you for being such a loyal reader,
      I have faith you can learn any song your desire.
      You must just take it one step at a time, so never
      doubt yourself.

  • Dinh says:

    I like your recommendations for beginners. There’s such a wide variety that any beginner is going to love to learn and play the songs.

    My husband has a guitar and is also a beginner so will probably appreciate some of these songs for beginners, but which one? He does love rock music.

    • admin says:

      Hello Dinh,
      I am happy to see you visited my website,
      and I am sure your hubby will love the rock
      guitar songs. There are so many to choose from,
      he is bound to find some he would enjoy playing


  • Thabo says:

    Hello Jeff,
    I have always loved the sound of guitar playing even though I don’t play myself. In the old days I used to write songs with my composer friends who preferred working on the melody than the lyrics. Still, I marveled at the ease with which they could go from fast rock rifts to complex ballads. It was pure joy to listen to them. I can see how one can get even greater joy by learning to play their own guitar. I think you do an excellent job of taking out the mystic of playing the guitar. Thanks for sharing.

    • admin says:

      Hello Thabo
      How are you and your mother doing today,
      I hope you both are well.

      You are not too old to learn to play the guitar yourself,
      you might be surprised how quickly you can be paying
      guitar riffs and your favorite songs

  • Vesna says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for the amazing review! I found your instructions excellent strategy. As anything else that we learn, there should be a motivation and the correct way to learn. These Guitar Tricks video lessons seem to be a great start for the beginners. I am amazed with the number of video lessons – 11.000 (Wow!)
    Thank you again,

    • admin says:

      Hello Vesna
      I wish you a nice weekend,
      I also find it amazing how much guitar tricks
      can offer everyone from beginners to advanced
      guitar players


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