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Educational Technology For Mobile Learning-Learning Apps And Ipads

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Ipads & Apps


The majority of special needs children prefer ipads and apps for their mobile learning, mobile learning is very beneficial for these children and do improve them learning to their potential. Ipads and apps are the least expensive investment for parents for their child to take advantage of mobile learning, it is amazing how much mobile technology can provide many answers to these children’s learning disabilities. This article is about ipads and apps for special needs children, you might be surprised what these apps can actually do for your child?


Mobile Learning Benefits


Mobile learning is a form of distance education for these children with their special needs, these fit into a families schedule very well for convenience. A child learns across multiple contexts such as social, content interaction, and electronic devices, effective educational tools start in kindergarten clear up to college and professional learning environments.


  • Individualized learning
  • Fun learning experience
  • Interactive
  • Discipline Issues Down
  • Attendance & participation high
  • Inexpensive lessons & materials


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Ipad Features


Ipads are the most popular and preferred mobile device for children with special needs, the most inexpensive mobile device for these children. Lightweight for younger children, also easy for children with motor difficulties to operate on their own. Touchscreen interface allows easy to learn even for children with cognitive challenges, no need of separate mouse and cursor. Long battery life averaging ten hours, this product dramatically impacts the life of a child with learning disabilities.


Communication Apps


  • Proloquo2go  ( $ 219.99 )
  • Scene & heard  ( $ 49.99 )
  • Text to speech  ( Free Version up to $99.00 )
  • Speak It  ( $1.99 )
  • Sounding Board  ( $ Free Designed For Iphones  )
  • Neojulie / neokate  ( Free Designed For Iphones )


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Writing Apps


  • My storybook maker ( $ 3.99 )
  • Pic collage  ( Free )
  • Toontastic  ( Free )
  • Dragon Dictation  ( Free )


Special needs children often experiences difficulty with writing and many will avoid it as much as possible, mobile devices with writing technology offers these children an alternate way to express themselves with easy to use tools.


  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Word finding
  • Story telling process help
  • Assists children an easier way to put their thoughts into words


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Apple built in accessibility features on their ipads are available for free, these apps all you need to do is activate them and your children are ready to take advantage of them.


  • Voice over gestures based screen readers
  • Zoom up to 500 %
  • Invert colors
  • Display light up text on dark background
  • Braille displays


Speak Selection


  • Text to speech
  • Word highlighting
  • Aids for processing disorders
  • Dictation
  • Built in dictionary
  • Closed-caption videos
  • Video chat app
  • Assistive Touch
  • Airplay


What Is On My Mind Today?


According to the majority of special needs children ipads are the preferred mobile device they wish to use, this is even  good news for parents since this is the least expensive mobile device to set up for your child’s learning. Electronic devices are the preferred way for these children to learn, anything which promotes learning the majority of these children show a great interest in doing. Consider home therapies such as gardening and music for your autistic child, also art therapy has been very useful for them. Maybe you can make these a family activity, great way for the entire family to bond with an autistic child?


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Resources & Help




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  • Jonathan says:

    These tips are very helpful. Thank you for sharing! I did not know whether these mobile devices such as tablets or ipads would be so beneficial for our kids. Your support with the information on this blog confirms that. May ask where you sought out any statistics, studies, or research at? I would love to read such content.

    Nonetheless, your website has helped me a ton, like you wouldn’t know! I can now encourage my kids to use this modern technology for mobile learning and finally invest a couple dollars in learning apps. Which I was reluctant to do at first.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jonathan,

      I am happy you enjoyed the article and feel mobile devices and apps are beneficial for your children’s learning, of course you must supervise them to be sure they are using them for educational purposes and not getting on websites which are not suitable for kids


  • Dishan says:

    Wow, thanks Jeff for this lovely article! It is our noble obligation to help these poor kids who deserve a fulfilling future. Who knows one of them can be a Stephen Hawking, Helen Keller, Christy Brown, Stevie Wonder or an Einstein in the making.

    I think these apps will help a lot in their learning, boosting confidence & as a result should hopefully groom them better to be incorporated into the society. The other advantage of these apps is that these can create many different scenarios than a classroom can create, which help kids to adopt much faster. This of course besides the ability of these apps to gravitate kids and keep them captivated without any force.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Dishan,

      It is true many children with special needs experiences improved learning from mobile learning and apps from home than they do at school, one reason for this is at school many of these children are anxious and not absorbing as much learning as they do at home being calmer.


  • Lady-Val says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I totally agree with you on education technology for children with special needs. My 2nd oldest has Down syndrome, she’s going to the 5th grade next school year. Her class have her online, learning her letters, reading lessons, and math. The coolest thing is the teacher sends home her login information, so she’s able to work on those things at home as well as school.

    I actually cried at how much she had learned this year and how computer savvy she is! Thanks for sharing!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Lady-Val,

      I am so happy for you and your daughter, computers have made such a difference in these children’s lives and I hope more parents will understand this and encourage their special children at home.


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