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non verbal and special needs children

Free Basic Makaton Signs-Signs And Symbols To Communicate With Non-Verbal Children

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Special Needs Children


Do you have a child with special needs who has communication disabilities, many of these children struggle to communicate verbally with other people? Children with autism are just one of the special needs disorders which frustrates children when trying to communicate, consider learning makaton signs to communicate with your child? Maybe this is the first time you have heard of makaton, if so keep reading on and learn more about how this can ease your child’s anxiety to communicate with you?


What Is Makaton Signs?


Makatan is a language program using signs and symbols to assist children with communication disorders to communicate with their family, without using these signs and symbols many children and families would not be able to communicate with one another. This can be the most special gift you ever give to your child, imagine what is its like for a child not to be able to communicate with their own family? Makaton is designed to support spoken language, the signs and symbols are used with spoken language. With the use of these signs and symbols many children are able to communicate, learning to use these specific signs and symbols can make such a difference in your child’s world.


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Is Makaton The Same As Sign Language?


There is a difference between makaton and sign language, makaton is for children with communication difficulties. Children with special needs often experiences communication difficulties, the signs and symbols in this language helps the child communicate with their family. This is most often used along with speech to help assist the child with communication, sign language differs from country to country, but makaton is the same in all countries.


Makaton Benefits


  • Sharing Thoughts
  • Choices
  • Emotions
  • Labeling Objects
  • Pictures
  • Photographs
  • Places
  • Participate In Games
  • Songs
  • Listen To Stories
  • Create Recipes
  • Menus
  • Shopping Lists
  • Write Letters
  • Messages


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Who Is Makaton For?


Over 100.000 children and adults uses this language as their main method of communication, many could not communicate effectively without learning these signs and symbols. Imagine so many people unable to communicate with their own families, with so many disorders today affecting people from being able to communicate this is a very important skill for these people to learn.


  • Communication Disorders
  • Language Disorders
  • Literacy
  • Mainstream Schools
  • Caregivers
  • Babies
  • Children With Special Needs
  • Families


What Is On My Mind Today?


It is terrible how our children are experiencing health disorders today, people today in our society experience communication problems more often than we might realize? How many times have you had a misunderstanding from poor communication, imagine how these children must feel when people including their families are not able to understand what they are trying to tell them? This is something very important for families to learn with a family member with any type of communication disability, there are free resources to learn more about this incredible language you and your family can learn to communicate more effectively.


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Free Makaton Resources



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