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Google Url Builder-Tracking Tool

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Tracking Tools


I learned from my training class recently about tracking tools, these tools tracks your progress through your website urls. There  are a number of tracking tools you can choose from, these are the ones which are free.


Bit. ly


Link Tracker


Click Meter


Google Url Builder


I highly recommend my training program, you are kept up to date with new marketing tools and much more.


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Google Url Builder


 I am going to share with you the google url builder, you use this tool for building for advertising your url.  So you can identify which urls  are the most effective attracting users to your content.


google url builder


Using Google Url Builder


Google is very easy to set up, just follow these step by step instructions.


Enter Website Url


Chrome Browser Recommended


Fill Out Form To Create Custom Url


Copy & Paste Url in advertising



google tools


Other Google Resources


google analytics


google adwords


google research


Final Thought


Google tools are the most sought out tools online today, plus they are free. I hope my article today gives you some idea who google url builder works, I also included some of google’s best resources for your convenience. There is so much to learn and apply thought my training program, I am so grateful for my training program it has saved me so much time and money.


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