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Magnetic Business Cards

How To Advertise A New Business-Getting Your Business Known

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New Business


You are a new business struggling to get traffic and sales online, this is the most frustrating part of a new business all business owners experience. Your budget is limited on how much you invest in marketing, you need some sure-fire low investment marketing ideas. Making the most of your promotional marketing for your money is the key to success, first off spend whatever you must to have business cards which will be remembered. Hand out your business cards to everyone you meet, you never know who might be interested in your business. Business cards are the first impression many potential customer will have of your business, do this with all your promotional marketing materials.


Memory Enhanced Promotional Marketing

High Quality Materials

Business Cards

Letter Heads



One cool method is to produce your business card on those fridge magnets you see on almost everyone’s fridge, such promotional gifts such as this people will save and be reminded of your business products and services pretty much everyday.



Business Post Cards


Sending business post cards is relatively low cost compare to many other advertising, people more often will read a post card they receive in the mail before any other type of mail. Bulk mailing through the post office is your best route to go, great method to get your business known and reach potential new customers.


Customer Surveys


Customer surveys gives you valuable feedback from your customers, with this information you can provide more of the products and services your customers are interested in. Find out who your customers are, what career industries they work and their hobbies and interests this all can be a great asset to providing what your customers want and are interested in purchasing within you niche. Giving a small gift of appreciation or a discount on their next purchase is always a good incentive to your customers, many times this is enough to interest them to do the survey for you.


Happy Birthday


What a cool way to engage and build a relationship with your customers by sending them a birthday card with maybe a discount on their next purchase, also this is an opportunity for you to provide information on new products or one your think this customer might be interested in purchasing from their past history. Who does not enjoy surprise fun mail for their birthday, this small gesture will go a long way in building a relationship with your customers.



Charity Groups


Making a connection between your business and specific charity associations can make a positive impression, the big name business’s are big promoters  to charities which some it might be personal but for some it is a business marketing method. When you share a favorite charity with your customers,  it makes a lasting impression, you will gain trust in people by giving back to your community and charities.


The Personal Touch


Giving your business the personal touch can go a long way with people making a connection to your business, instead of being super serious and business-like in some of your promotional marketing materials share a little about yourself. Adding your personal photograph not your business photograph makes you seem more human, even better family photographs are a great choice. Add some of your favorite quotes and share some hobbies, just be a friends not a sales person.


Long-Term Ads The Best


Once you are able to invest a little back into marketing focus on long-term marketing rather then the less expensive short-term marketing. Promotional products with your business name and logo is well worth your investment, if this was not such a success the big business’s would not be promoting with this method.


Magnetic Business Cards & Postcards

Bumper Stickers




The list Goes One And On


What Is On My Mind


This article I hope gets you motivated and creative on how to promote your new business, I would start out with the magnetic business cards. These are well worth the extra investment and are not going to break your budget all that much, people often will misplace or accidentally throw your business card and post cards in the trash. I do not know anyone who would trash a magnet business card or post card, these are valuable enough people will keep them and this will remind them of you and your business.


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