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How To Get Motivated To Change Your Life-Are You Ready For Change

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Who does not think about how they would like their life to be different from time to time, most everyone has things they like and dislike about their life? Maybe you see yourself as too fat, someone else might see themselves as being too negative all the time? Before anyone can make positive changes in their life they must prepare themselves by getting motivated, what are some things which motivates people to make changes in their lives?




Relationships are a very important part of our lives, many people often have the desire to change their love relationship with their partner. Who would not want to have a stronger and happier relationship with their love partner, many relationships over the years loses the intimacy and romance they once had? Could this be something you would like to change in your own life, if so this might be one of the changes you wish to make in your life in the future?


Intimacy & Romance


Weight Loss

Stop Smoking


Life Goals


Everyone has things they want to change about their life, the first step is making new life goals to work towards accomplishing and getting yourself motivated to work on these goals. For most of us making the goals are not so difficult, we just focus on the things we dislike about ourselves or our life and these are our goals we will work to change. Most people choose goals which are very difficult things for them to change, often this is our main reason we fail to accomplish our goals. Start out with easier goals to accomplish to make it easier for you to get motivated, as you accomplish each goal make the next goal just a little more difficult. Motivation is like anything else we must form a good habit, making small changes is your best strategy to build your motivation as well as your self-confidence.


What Motivates You?


Motivation is a very common problem for people today, the more difficult your goals the more difficult it is to become motivated. Focus on the simple things in your life which you could improve to make your life happier and more satisfying to you, for someone who desires to lose weight they could motivate themselves by changing what they purchase at the grocery store next time they are grocery shopping?  Purchasing a few more healthy food items and a little less of their favorite junk food items could motivate them to lose weight, this small change could motivate them by them losing just a little weight. This could motivate them to buy even more healthy food items and less junk food items on their next grocery shopping trip, with time they could reach their weight loss goal without overwhelming themselves.





Exercise is another goal people find difficult to accomplish and stay motivated about, again by using the same strategy we can increase our exercise and motivation by easing into working towards this goal. Let’s say you decide you are going to start walking, even though this is something you want to do for yourself you are not really motivated. Maybe you love to go shopping at the mall, well this could be your motivation to start working on this goal. Every time you go shopping at the mall make it a point to walk the mall at least one time after you finish shopping, even once will be one more time than you usually walk the mall when shopping. This will increase your exercise without causing you too much extra effort to take that first step, who knows in time you might actually enjoy walking the mall after you are done shopping and do it many more times?


Most Common Motivation Obstacles


You can use this strategy for any goals you wish to accomplish in your life or even your career, it does take you much longer, but this is a very good strategy for people who struggle with being able to get and stay motivated. Many people sabotage their own success to accomplish their goals, there are people who are afraid to succeed. These people often become overwhelmed with the negative thinking they might fail, in these people’s eyes if they sabotage their own success they will not have to experience failing.


Fear Of Change

Fear Of The Unknown

Low Self-Confidence







What Is On My Mind?


Stress, anxiety and depression are the most common obstacles which prevents the majority of people being able to accomplish their goals, these have prevented people from starting their own dream business. With this strategy you can accomplish anything in your life you desire without becoming overwhelmed and sabotaging your success. Slow and easy steps is the key to building your self confidence and motivation, easing into new things and changes is the best strategy if motivation is a problem for you?


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