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How To Know You Have A Drinking Problem-Is Alcohol Controlling Your Life

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Alcohol can become a problem for many people, as you know alcohol is addicting and with regular drinking the more we drink the more we want. There are some people who can remain a social drinker without it developing into a major problem, but for many their drinking can become out of control and this is when it controls their lives. Many people experience denial they have a drinking problem, many develop a physical dependence for alcohol over time. Are you able to drink high amounts of alcohol without becoming drunk, could you be a high risk candidate to become addicted to alcohol?



Social Environment





Sound Like You?


Do you have a habit of over drinking once you start drinking the majority of time, the majority of people with a problem do not drink to plan to drink as much as they do? Many people suffer memory problems and even blackouts from their over drinking, do you need alcohol to be able to relax at the end of a stressful day? Many people drink excessively to get a break from the stress in their life, for many drinking makes them feel better about themselves and their lives for a short time. Many people refuse to admit to themselves drinking is a problem for them, do you make any of these excuses for your own drinking?


Feel Guilty After You Drink

Ashamed Of Yourself

Lie To Yourself

Hide Your Problem



Alcohol & Autoimmune Disease


With so many people experiencing autoimmune disease often people are self medicating themselves with alcohol, even if you are not over drinking you are increasing your symptoms with ever drink you take. Gluten is a trigger for the majority of people with this type of health problem, alcohol is high in gluten so this is one of the worse things you can be putting into your body. If  you have autoimmune disease alcohol is going to sabotage your ability to manage your symptoms, stay away from all gluten and you will experience a decrease in the severity of your symptoms..


Weight & Alcohol


Are you noticing more and more belly fat as time goes by, the majority of heavy drinkers develop an abundant amount of belly fat due to their regular drinking? This can contribute to many other serious health problems, the majority of people who develop an addiction to alcohol are overweight most often because their drinking takes place of a healthy diet and exercise plan. Many people replace a healthy meal with alcohol and unhealthy convenient foods, losing weight is very difficult for people with this type of addiction.



Signs & Symptoms


Addiction can cause a person many serious emotional problems, many people’s relationships suffer due to their excessive drinking. Happy relationships often turn into bad relationships and can even become abusive, stress and anxiety is high in this type of relationship and often there is much arguing and fighting. Many times the person neglects many of their responsibilities, their drinking takes priority over everything else in their life when alcohol becomes a problem. Many families experience relationship anxiety when someone in the family has a drinking problem, there are even more damaging problems outside of the home.


Driving Drunk

Disorderly Conduct


Operating Machinery

Mixing With Prescription Drugs


Alcohol Abuse


Many people use alcohol to be able to relax and de-stress, another major trigger for many people is emotional drinking. This is even more difficult for people than emotional eating, both of these are an addiction and very difficult to overcome. Many people feel more relaxed and less anxious and less stressed out after a few drinks, the addict is not able to stop after just a few and this is their problem. This type of behavior is most often people who abuse alcohol to self-sooth and self-medicate themselves.





People who are alcoholics experience even more problems from their excessive drinking, these people must have alcohol regularly or they will experience physical symptoms until they get some alcohol into their system. Many times this person rarely becomes drunk to the point they can not function, most often they are chain drinkers and lose control of their drinking. Some do desire to quite drinking, but their body will not allow them too. Often the addict will experience the morning shakes until they get some alcohol into their system, trembling is another symptoms many people experience as well as excessive sweating.


Give Up Activities To Drink

Alcohol Often On Their Mind

Few Other Interests

Damaging Relationships

Health Problems




What Not To Do


It is best not to do things which agitates people dependent on alcohol, some people can become an extremely mean drunk. It is normal when someone you love is addicted to alcohol and you want to help them in any way you can, but many people attempt this in the wrong way and it backfires most often and makes the relationship even worse. Until the person can accept they have a problem there is not a lot their loved ones can do for them, they will do most anything to drink and you do not want to get between them and their alcohol.


Don’t Punish




Dump Their Alcohol Out





What Is On My Mind Today?


Living with an alcoholic is without a doubt a very emotional experience for anyone, sadly you cannot save the alcoholic they must admit they have a problem and be willing to go for professional help. Very few people kick an addiction without professional help, but there are a handful who do kick their addiction with the help of their family. Attending meetings with others with the same addiction really is the best strategy, in these meeting you are able to give and receive support from people who really can understand what you are going through. Loving your addict from a distance is the best strategy for you and the addict, they will use anything within their power to get a drink while working to overcome their problem.


Need Help


Alcoholic Anonymous 

Smart Recovery


Self Improvement




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