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How To Market Your Business FREE-Free And Low Cost Marketing For Your Business

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Free Versus Paid Marketing


Everyone knows the difference between free and paid marketing, with free marketing you must realize it is going to take much longer before you experience success with a steady flow of traffic and sales. Free marketing is for the person with a very low budget for their business, one characteristic you must have with free marketing is you must be patient and persistent to experience success. Paid marketing you will experience an increase in traffic and sales in a much shorter time, this is better for the person with a larger budget and who is not very patient. Interested more about free marketing your business, join my training community and you will receive steady training and unlimited mentoring from the members in our community. Warning no spam allowed in this community, anyone caught posting spam will be banned from the community.


Email Marketing


Email marketing is one of the most effective free marketing you can use for your business, starting your own business newsletter through email marketing will build you an email list for potential customers. Another thing this marketing technique does for your business is builds you relationships with people interested in your business products and services. You can send auto messages and marketing emails through a business email service, the free email service many business owners start out with is ” Mail Chimp”.



Social Media Marketing


More likely even if you are just starting an online business you have experience networking on social media websites, with a business you just focus on sharing updates and posts about your business instead of about your personal life. Focus on sharing friendly problem posts on your social media websites, encourage engagement from your readers will build good relationships through your social media business pages. Everyone who starts an online shop should have business pages on the social media websites.




Pin Interest



Google Plus For Business



Business Blog


High quality informative business blog articles is another very productive method for free marketing your business website, focus on articles which gives your readers valuable information they can use. By doing this, you will have regular followers who are reading your articles over and over all the time, keep your articles on topics related to your business products and services.


Low Cost Business Marketing


Even for those of you who are just starting your online business in 2017 there are some low cost marketing products you should consider using to promote your business, every business should have their own unique business cards. There is a business card for every budget, you can create your own business card with your own photo and text or use a business card template and just substitute your business information.








What Is On My Mind ?


This article should give you a good start with marketing your business for free, the low cost business cards is something you should consider whenever you are able to afford the small investment. Business cards are an inexpensive method to promote your business, you can give them out to everyone you meet and even send them in the mail to advertise your business. For anyone who wishes to make a good impression and know their business card will be seen often should go with the magnetic business cards, very few people do not keep the magnetic business cards to be used every day.



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