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How To Start A Business Free

How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business Free-Actually Much Easier Than You Think

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Affiliate Marketing Business


Today we will discuss how to start your own affiliate marketing business free, just happens when I started my business I did it completely free of any financial investment. I did have help,  I was lucky enough to find a free online training program to get me started. I had tried training programs in the past which sadly were scams. The training program I am involved in now is the real thing, possibly the only real free training you will find online today. Besides being a training program, it is also an affiliate marketing business community. Not your ordinary business community, no spamming here or you will not last long as a member. The free training is ten lessons of an affiliate marketing certification and ten lessons of their affiliate boot camp, this is enough to get you started in business. There are more lessons available if you wish to invest in a premium membership, you will not be harrassed to upgrade to a premium member that is totally your choice. The premium membership is very reasonable, 19.00 your first month to try it out and if you wish to continue its 47.00 per month.


How To Join Wealthy Affiliate


Let’s Start Your Free Business


A training program or a mentor is highly recommended, but not a must I will help you in any way I can with starting your free business.  After the training mentoring step your next step would be to get yourself a good free website, the best online today is at  This website is one of those free websites, I am having such good success with my free website I have no reason to upgrade to one of their paid websites. Nice you have the option to a paid website with more features if you ever wish for one, this freebie is doing just fine for me.


how to start a business free


Choosing Your Niche & Website Name


When I took my training program this was the most difficult part for me, most people want to choose the niche and name which will attract the most people. What worked for me and should for you, make a list of the things in your life which are your passions. These will be the things you love the most and know the most about if you just can not come up with a niche you can always use my training program. You can promote my training program as a free member, you do not have to upgrade to a premium member now is that fair and cool. A niche is a smaller part of a product industry, such as fitness is a niche of the health industry. Once you get your niche, you must think of a nice name which people will pretty much have a good notion what you are promoting.


Choosing Your Niche


Finding Your Affiliate Products


Depending what your niche is whether you will be promoting a product or service or both, if you are going to be promoting products  which the majority of people wish to do. You will have to start researching affiliate programs, almost any business online has an affiliate program. If you have a company in mind which does not, many times if you approach the company with the intention you wish to promote their product they will be happy to work with you. Many people start out with, beware they do not pay a very high commission but they do have a ton of products you can promote. I do promote some of Amazon’s products through this website and since I have been in business a while I am also promoting other programs plus I always am keeping my eye out for a good product.  You can google “affiliate programs” and your search will bring up pages and pages of affiliate programs for you to check out.


Writing Content


This part just about scared the pants off of me, I have never been very much of a writer. Even now my writing I know is not all that hot, but I hope it is good enough you can understand and put my information into good use. I try to keep my  writing short and to the point, I also like to share with you a little about my own experience from time to time. Your content should be not on your product(s)  unless you are writing a product review. Otherwise , focus your content on solving a problem for your readers, now this is my own opinion and what works best for me.  Experimentation is always a positive thing with your content, you will not know what works and does not unless you experiment.


Writing Content


How To Promote Your Business Free

Once you have your business up and running with some good article under your belt it is time to start promoting your business, the best free advertising you can get is the social media websites. This is where you can make contact with other business owners as well as new potential customers, so you are ready to start joining and creating your social media business pages. Once you have your social media business pages set up, you will want to post on them every time you publish a new article.


Google Plus For Business





Pin Interest



social media marketing




The best strategy is to be always honest with your readers, never recommend any product or service you do not believe in. Do your research very well, your reputation depends on it. Sharing your experience I feel is a good thing, it allows your readers to know your experience plus you went through many of the same things as they did to start your own business.  Starting a business takes much of your time to build the business, to be known online requires you to be networking and posting frequently. I hope this article with the basic start up business plan gets you started on the right foot, any problems contact me and I will do my best to help you out.


Business strategy


Product Of The Day


It is that time once again, time for me to share with you the product of the day. Many cool products on the market that is for sure, I am happy to be able to share with you a new product I find in every new article.


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What Is On My Mind Today


I am happy to be able to share the business plan with you today, this plan will work I have used this exact plan to start my own business. It is the plan my training program taught me, there is so much more on each step I wish I could share with you in this article, it would just make this article too long and complicated as well. I hope you give this a try, believe in yourself you can do this. Need any assistance, just give me a holler and I will do my best to help you succeed.


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