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How To Start Your Own Online Business


There are several methods to earn an income with your own online business, as in my last article I shared you can choose from physical and digital products. Also you can choose between selling products or providing services, there are some things you must consider. For one you really want to choose a product or service you have a passion for, when you have a passion for what you are promoting it becomes a part of you. You will enjoy what you are doing, believe it or not it will not even feel like work to you. My passion is my health business, amazingly I look forward to my next article to share with my readers to help them overcome their health problems.  My business started out as going to be a blog on helping people overcome their anxiety and anxiety related health issues, almost by fate my health blog became my business with just one website I happened to stumble upon. I am personally excited to share this accidental find with you, it is Wealthy Affiliate which has given me all the training I have needed to succeed with my own online business.


how to start your own online business



Online Drop Shipping Business


Even though my past experience with this type of online business was not successful for me, I want to make it known to you it is available and many people do have success with an online drop shipping business. I do not recommend this type of business for someone starting out with an online business, for one thing there is much more stress with this type of business and someone starting out does not need to add any extra stress.  You must arrange and pay for all the shipping, which you know as well as I know shipping is a very expensive part of a business. Also all drop shippers are not created equally. This type of business its an absolute must to have a dependable drop shipper, if the drop shipper does not ship out your orders on time you will more likely lose customers and orders.  I highly suggest anyone just starting out with their own online business think twice before jumping into this type of business, now for someone with business experience this could be a very good type of online business. The pros of this type of business is you get all your products wholesale prices, all I can suggest is you take much time researching drop shippers before going this route.


Affiliate Marketing Online Business


My successful health business is an affiliate marketing online business, this is the least expensive and the most convenient online business to start up especially for the beginner. Basically you focus on promoting the affiliate business or businesses of your choice to interested people,  when people order through the affiliate business you earn a commission. You do not have to arrange shipping, you do not have to stock products and best of all you have very little stress with this type of business. This type of business is free to get into with any legitimate affiliate marketing business, beware any business which attempts to force you to buy their product or pay any type of  fee is one you do not wish to get involved with. In the past I fell into a few of these businesses, I started out in the red right off the start having to purchase from these types of businesses.


how to start your own online business


Google Alerts


I love using google alerts to be aware of affiliate programs, its a freebie from google and comes directly to you in your email. You just go type in google alert in the google search box and then create your own personal google alert, this takes only a few minutes and saves you so much time doing the searching on your own. I highly recommend using this free program google supplies, you can custom your search by using the search term in your google alert  “affiliate+programs+niche” or “affiliate+programs”  Remember your niche is your chosen business interest or passion you wish to specialize in.


how to start your own online business


Affiliate Networks


Another good way to find legitimate affiliate programs is by joining an affiliate network company, these are companies who legitimate affiliate programs sign up with for people with online businesses to sign up with their programs. This is another free service, you get paid a commission for your sales like with any other affiliate program but this is one sure method for someone starting out to know they are signing up with a legitimate affiliate program and will not get scammed.  I do not promote any specific program of this type, but you can also create your personal google alert for this type of program by tying in “affiliate+ networking +Programs”


Final Thought


Remember any program which will cost you anything in anyway is not a legitimate affiliate program, affiliate programs never charge you anything. They actually will go out of their way to supply you with all the promotional tools your need to promote their affiliate program, you can also contact almost any legitimate business about being an affiliate if you desire too. This is only a small sample of the things you will learn though the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program, I highly recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate. I owe all my success to their training program, I promise you its legitimate and you will never find another program available online you will learn everything you need to start your own successful online business.

Any questions or comments feel free to leave them on my comment page, if you prefer to contact me privately my email is


how to start a online business


  • Sim says:

    Hi Jeff. How long have you been working online and how is it going so far?

    You seem to have a lot of experience in different aspects of online marketing.

    What would be the best option for me if I tried PTC and GPT sites in the past, without much success?

    Sorry about all the questions, this is my last and it’s about Wealthy Affiliate. Is this like Chris Farrel Membership?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Sim

      I am happy to hear from you today, I have been involved with online business’s for the past 10 years. I have probably tried every type of online business available, I recommend you take the Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp Training, its Free and will give you a good start at success with a online business. Affiliate programs are your safest business to promote, they are totally free so you are not investing any money with them. I have taken Chris Farrel in the past, Chris does provide a good foundation but Wealthy Affiliate is a much more in depth training in my experience.

      I would not be where I am today if it was not for Wealthy Affiliate, Here is a peek at the Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp Training Phase 2

      I promise you Wealthy Affiliate will give you no unpleasant surprises, you will be amazed what you learn in such a short time and free mentoring is always within reach through other members


  • NathanG says:

    Hey Jeff, thank you for your insight. I am in the same boat with you regarding drop shipping. I have found that it really is difficult to compete online and the shipping can make sales not profitable enough.

    Thank you for recommending healthy alternatives, after all, life begins with your health and it looks like you are an authority on this. Thank you for your recommendations.

    • admin says:

      Thank Nathan G

      Thank you for your comment and reading my article, I would say I am pretty familiar with anxiety and anxiety related health issues since dealing with them my entire life. I hope my articles on my health website helps others recover quicker then I did, my affiliate business is to share the programs which are working for me and have made my heath business a success.


  • Cristina says:

    Hello Jeff,

    Affiliate marketing it’s a great way to monetize a blog. We can promote products within any niche and be able to earn a income online.

    Also there is no limit of how much we can earn. It all goes down to how much work, time and dedication we are willing to put in our online business.

    When starting out it might take a while until someone makes their first commissions, because the site needs to gain some trust and traffic.

    Those that understand this things and don’t give up within the first few days or first few months of trying, are the ones that are going to be rewarded.


    • admin says:

      Thank You Christina

      I agree with you 100%, we must stay positive and have faith in our niche and our products. Patience is the hardest part for most people, as humans patience is not what many of us has naturally.


  • coughlanmaureen says:

    Very good post on how to start your own online business.
    I agree with you definitely think wealthyaffilate is the best option as it provides best training and the online chat help desk is very good especially when you are just starting to learn about online marketing.
    Just one tip about your content it would be easier to read it if you divided it into smaller paragraphs maybe leave a space between every 3 or 4 lines.

  • Arthur says:

    Hi, Jeff!

    Affiliate business is really the best way to start for the beginners in the online world. It’s much easier to because you don’t have to care for creating your own product, and this could cause much of headache for those who didn’t have any business before.

    And Wealthy Affiliate is really the best place to start from. For free.

    And how do you earn as an affiliate aside from blogging?


    • admin says:

      Thank You Arthur

      Affiliate programs are the best way to start a new online business, if it was not for Wealthy Affiliate I would be going crazy about now. I also do product reviews from time to time, but my main business is my health website on anxiety to help others improve their lives with my articles.


  • Matthew Thomas says:

    Before starting an online business I had no idea how prominent affiliate marketing was. Nearly every big-name company has an affiliate program. Starting an affiliate business is attractive as well, since you don’t need to create your own product/service or hold inventory. The main component you need is a website and then add quality content to it.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mr Thomas

      I am happy you have experienced positive results with affiliate marketing, it is true most companies especially the big companies welcome affiliate Marketers to assist in promoting their products.


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