How To Start Your Own Online Business-Relationships

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How To Start Your Own Online Business


Once you have your online business website built and have chosen your specialty niche products or services, then  the next step is learning how to form serious honest high quality relationships with your readers.  You must put in much time and effort to form high quality relationships to be successful in any online business.

how to start your own online business

Close Relationships


Consider now what you value and seek in a close relationship with other people, I myself value someone who is  honest and respects our relationship. Someone who will do thoughtful things for me asking nothing in return, these things plus many more in a close relationship gives me much happiness and feelings of trust with another person which forms a close relationship for me.


Business Relationships


In my opinion business and personal relationships should start with being honest with one another, I put my main objective in my business relationships to be exactly the same as my objectives in my personal relationships. I focus on providing helpful high quality information to assist my readers with more knowledge about what they are interested in, just like my personal relationships I do my very best to help the people in my relationships in any way I am can. Weather you are one of my best friends or one of my best business contacts, I am always here for you to help in any way I can. All my life money has not been a motivation for me, helping others is what motivates me to write my heart out with good information to help others.

Learn How To Build Your Business


Online Business Training


As you know if you have read past article on this website, I highly recommend the online business training which has taught me how to succeed with my affiliate marketing business. My training program does not teach you how to sell your products or services, my training program teaches you how to help others  with your articles. Providing products and services which has worked for you or you strongly believe in, this is what I wish for you to also learn through my training program.

Free Mentoring Training



I offer you my free mentoring which I received from my training program, I will help anyone I possibly can get started with my training program or sharing my own personal mentoring assistance for free. I have a deep passion to help everyone i can in any way I can , I am not a professional business mentor, but I will do my very best to help you in any way I can.


Final Thought



 Between my health business and this website, my passion is to help others overcome their obstacles and succeed. My health business I write from my own experiences how to learn to deal with anxiety without medications, with this website I write to help you learn how to start your own online business and succeed. Both my websites are focused on helping you and build long-term honest relationships between us, feel free to leave your comments on this article or contact me privately with any questions.





  • Tony Lee Hamilton says:


    I completely agree that relationships and helping others is much more important than money.

    When we can help others earn online and also be healthier then we ourselves also can become healthier and wealthier.

    I love your recommendation to affiliate marketing with wealthy affiliate and also recommend that anyone looking for a truly legitimate and fulfilling way to earn online to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you for sharing Jeff,


    • admin says:

      Thank You Tony

      I appreciate your comment and reading my article, I hope I am helping others realize Wealthy Affiliate is for real and worth taking the training to succeed in their business.


  • Travis Smithers says:

    I find too many websites are all about pushing the products and not thinking about what the reader way want or need.

    It ‘s nice to deal with someone who believes in helping others first and foremost and offering a product that is based on the same idea.

    Too many providers care more about the money than the ones trying to use their services.

    Like you, Wealthy Affiliate is there to help their users.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Travis Smithers

      I appreciate your comment very much, yes it is true many marketers are all about sales not what they can do for the customer. Wealthy affiliate has done so much for me in understanding what is important, I hope more people will take advantage of wealthy affiliate training program


  • Elias says:

    Hey, I enjoyed reading your article, it’s well written and easy to read. About wealthy affiliate, I too was skeptic at the beginning, but I’ve done a fair amount of research on it and I couldn’t find almost any negative feedback about them. And with the fair price they’ve given, and NO up-sells (most importantly) later on, and their program is really simple and transparent, they said you gonna build a website, make it your business, and teach you how to grow with it, and that is exactly what you are going to learn.
    So, I got convinced, and I’m now in my second month as a member in Wealthy affiliate and I can approve myself the program is legit and there is nothing wrong or scammy about it. But keep in mind, that it requires hard work and dedication, this is not get-rich-quick schemes where they simply just lie to you and after your money.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Elias

      I am happy to hear your happy and starting your second month as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I am surprised how quickly you can learn from the Video training’s on Wealthy Affiliate. I have not met anyone who had anything bad to say about the program, I am completely satisfied with my membership and you can cancel your membership anytime.


  • Chris says:

    Interesting take on the relationships you build up in the real world and the ones you build up online. Personally I find it hard to take anyone onboard in the internet world – everyone seems to be ‘on the sell’ and everyone seems to be an expert in their field…
    This WA community platform – is it like the warrior forum or is it a more friendly environment?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Chris

      I agree the majority of people online are just selling their products, but there is a small percent of people like myself who wish to help people . Wealthy Affiliate is not like any other business community training program you have ever experienced, you make lasting friendships and business contacts, you will not find anyone on Wealthy Affiliate trying to sell you their products. Its free to take the starters course, try it then you also will see why so many people love Wealthy Affiliate.


  • Paul says:

    Interesting article Jeffrey on relationships and online business. As someone who hasn’t even been online for a year (and much of that time has been spent actually getting the necessary education), I don’t have a huge network, but I do understand how important healthy relationships are in online business. Thank you for the offer of mentoring; what would my next step be if I want to move forward with that?

  • earnrecurringrevenue says:

    Very thoroughly written article of this great software. Wealthy affiliate has life changing tips and it’s a shame some people miss out on the opportunity confusing it As a scam. As a member of wealthy affiliate I know how easy it is to give up due to the overwhelming amount of information for beginners, but it is made in a way that beginners can understand. The community also never leaves anyone of my questions unanswered. Great review of a great platform. Cheers

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life in such a positive way, I too have been scammed many times in the past but we must never give up and keep trying new things until we succeed.

      Anyone interesting in starting their own online business should join wealthy affiliate, the step by step training is the most clear and easy to follow then any I have experience before in my life.


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