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How To Start Your Own Online Business-Social Media

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How To Start Your Own Online Business


Promoting your online business once you have your website ready is probably the most difficult and challenging obstacle for most people starting a new online business, the best method to promote your new online business is with your social media websites. Next I will discuss each of the social media websites I myself use, but first I highly recommend you check my link below to learn more about social media marketing through my affiliate boot  camp social media tutorial course.

how to start your own online business


Google Plus Business


Google Plus for business is my highest recommended social media website I use, I have increased my traffic amazingly in a very short period of time since using this social media website. I have way more followers and way more shared posts from this social media then any other I am using, if I had to choose just one social media this would be the one I would choose for my own online business.

how to start your own online business




My second most productive social media website is twitter, you can reach so many people in a matter of seconds posting on this website. I also have experienced so many other people posting my tweets over and over again. This can keep your tweet going on for who knows how long, as long as new people keep re-posting your tweets your tweet stays live on the twitter page.  I have found spending the majority of my posting on google plus for business and twitter to have increased my traffic to my website more then doubled.


how to start your own online business

Pin Interest


My third most productive website is pin interest, many of you might not think of this as a social media website but it has been a big influence on my business traffic and followers. You post your new posts on your pin interest board, your followers will read your post and in turn brings traffic to your website. You also follow others boards as well, this is a very popular and still growing website you must have if your starting your own online business.


how to start your own online business


Linked In

Anyone who has any type of business really should be a free member to Linked in business community, not only you will make many business contacts through this business community. You are also able to promote your business on this community through your profile, think of this website as your business face book page.


how to start your own online business



Face Book


My last recommendation is face book for business, even though this is one of the most popular websites almost everyone has a profile on weather personal or business it has given me the least website traffic of all the websites I am sharing with your today.  To be completely fair, this might be one of the most productive for some business people. I am just being honest with you, this has not so far been as productive for me as the other websites I have shared with you today.

how to start your own online business

Final Thought


I hope this gets you a quick start to which social media websites you might wish to consider to promote your new online business, I did not include YouTube but this also is a very high ranking website to consider to promote your business. YouTube is a little more advanced in how to use to promote your business then these other websites, most of  you will not be making your own videos at this stage in your business but of course when you do YouTube is the place you want to seriously consider. YouTube also is very good for you to share videos from their website on your website if you choose to go that route in the near future, for now focus on getting established on these social medial websites and writing high quality helpful articles of your niche and you will be on your way to improving your website traffic.

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