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How To Start Your Own Online Business- Successfully

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How To Start Your Own Online Business


After struggling myself for many years online with more different business ventures then I can even recall I have found success, anyone can have success in the online business of their choice. Believe me, your getting your own website and promoting products is not the easiest or the most productive method to have success with an online business. Sure there are some who do succeed online with this method I am sure, but if you are interested in starting your own online business I can help you succeed.



Choosing Your Online Business


Actually having your own website is the first consideration you really need, wordpress is known for their websites and you will find the majority of the business websites online are through wordpress. WordPress websites are the simplest websites to design for a business, they have thousands of plug ins which will make your website more efficient and extremely easy for you. Weather you desire a one page blog type of  website or a several page website wordpress is the website I recommend you check into. WordPress provides FREE websites which are very sufficient when starting your business, of course if you wish to invest the funds and get all the bells and whistles wordpress also has this for you.


how to start a online business


Choose Your Niche


For anyone who is like myself when starting out who does not know what a niche might be, a niche is a small specialized part of a larger product such as my health website specializes in brain nutrition supplements. Choosing your product line lets in the health field is way too large of a field to cover and be successful, I recommend you take the time to consider what do you have a passion for or know quite a bit about. I chose brain nutrition supplements for the reason I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks all my life, so this is something I choose to help others with through my articles and products. I chose this niche business training and free advertising to help people who wish to start their own online business, people who are like myself low on funds to pay for advertising or high cost training programs. This is not my business niche, my business is in the brain nutrition supplements.



I Have The Best Training Opportunity For You


Trust me I have tried many online business training opportunities over the years, other then the one which gave me the secrets to succeed all the others were basically scams to take my money. The best and the most reasonable in price is Wealthy Affiliate, what I have learned in only about one month is more then I learned all the years going it alone. Wealthy Affiliate is the real thing, actually you do not even have to start out investing anything if you prefer to do as I did and stat out as a free member. As a free member you get 10 start up lessons, these lessons will get your website up and running. To get the full benefits you then can consider if upgrading to a premium member is right for you. I promise you no one will be pushing you to become a premium member, this decision is all up to you. For more information on this training you can refer to my training page, I recommend you start out as a free member to see what this training program is all about. The premium membership costs $47.00 per month which is a steal for all you will receive, all the tools you need and training is provided in this program. Well I will just let you digest this information, if you have any questions or wish to learn more check out my training page.


how to start a online business


  • Extremely easy to follow video training
  • Tools
  • Mentoring
  • Live Chat Line
  • Free membership
  • Premium membership $47.00 per month
  • Free members 10 free start up lessons
  • Premium members 5 course 10 lesson certificate courses plus 5 course 10 lesson affiliate boot camp course



How To Advertise Your Business For Free


I only use social media websites and the free classifieds on my free classified page, the reason this is the best choice for you besides being FREE.  This website specializes in advertising, as a free member you can post your ads which takes only minutes per ad to do. This is much more then your other classified websites, this is a business community which specializes in advertising. You get your own webpage which you can post all your products for other members to check out, there is an option to upgrade if you desire for even more advertising benefits. There are groups you can join and network and learn from other business owners, forums with answer and questions to many of the things you will experience though your business. You can use the paid advertising available as well, traffic exchange program and you even get to make new friends. This is much like a business facebook community, so if you love facebook this definitely is something for you.


how to start a online business


  • Free to register ( takes minutes)
  • Free to post ads (minutes per ad)
  • Business forums
  • Business groups
  • Business Contacts (Friends)
  • Personal Webpage
  • Profile page
  • Paid advertising available
  • Traffic Exchange Programs
  • Store
  • Advertising Tutorials



Final Thought


Well these are what programs I use with success with my own business, I hope you will at least consider them and check them out. They have been very good assets to my business success, actually without them I would still be struggling not having any idea what the heck I am doing. Both opportunities are free to become members, so it will cost you nothing to give them a try.


Questions And Comments Appreciated


Thank You



  • Lee says:

    Hi Jeff, great post. I the second section you recommend building a website with WordPress.

    I’ve looked into using WordPress for my online business before, but I was a little put off at the thought of trying to connect my domain name and hosting account together.

    It all seemed a little complicated. Is it really that hard or am I worrying over nothing?

    Thanks in advance.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Lee

      I appreciate your comment, wordpress is the most simple website to design, also the easiest to transferring your domain and hosting. I do not know what domain and hosting your using now, but if you happen to be a wealthy affiliate premium member you can use their domain and hosting platform which makes this one easy step.


  • Roope says:

    Thank you for the informational article! What are the main mistakes people do when they are starting a new online business, in your opinion? How could they prevent those mistakes? What if I follow that training and I am still not getting any success?

    Lots of questions, I know, but I would be glad to hear your answers and to become successful online 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thank You Roope

      Thank you for reading my article, first off once your get your training in and if you follow what you learn you will experience success. If i can succeed , anyone can I am not a tech type of person or good at persuading people to buy my products or services.

      The biggest mistake I made starting new online businesses was not finding Wealthy Affiliate Training sooner, you really do need the training to set up your business properly for ultimate website ranking on the search engines and I know myself I was just promoting products and services in the past without really knowing what to do. You will receive what you put into your training and business like anything else, give it a try as a free member it will be a good basic start up for your business and with even just the free lessons you will know more then you know now.

      Go For It


  • Lynn says:

    this article is great! I just started affiliate marketing and what I’m having a hard time now is choosing a niche. I am not really Confident if people would read the niche that i have chosen.
    I would really appreciate it if you could give me some advice on how to choose my niche?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Lynn

      I understand very well how choosing your niche can be for you, it took me a while to choose mine as well. Try to think of something which you have a passion, weather a hobby or something you would like to share with people. I choose Anxiety for my health business, its something I know about and have much experience. Try writing down your hobbies and interests then go from there, anything your interested in other people more likely also will be interested and those will be the people who visit your website.


  • Gilbert Nunez Jr. says:

    I like the amount of creativity put into this website along with all the great information on how to do affiliate marketing. The layout sort of resembles the Wealthy Affiliate layout. I would say just add some more in depth information about affiliate marketing but other than that, this website looks pretty good.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Gilbert

      I appreciate your comment, I will take all your suggestions in consideration and make some changes in the future.


  • Farhan says:

    Hi Jeff!

    I cannot relate to you having years of experience in starting an online business, as I just started on it late last year. However, I definitely know the fear of being scammed online and losing lots of money and faith in the online community.

    Which is why more of these reviews are needed. You sound honest and genuine, and you did not leave out the payment and subscription details as well. Just curious to know what websites have you been scammed by? That would help a lot.

    Great article!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Farhan

      I appreciate your sharing on my website today, I have many years of scams behind me. I started out scammed by survey companies, then some click for traffic websites as well. I really do not remember names of companies at this time, there really were so many of them. Many lead you to believe its totally free, then they hit you with a upgrade to really earn any income.


  • Jose says:

    I have to say that wealthy affiliate has been hands down the best and most profitable investment I ever made in my LIFE and no I am not exaggerating. I have gone from $100 in my bank balance to $100 every single day and that may not sound like a lot but it all comes from online and from spending 2 hours online every day. I am so grateful to whoever introduced me to this, and I highly recommend to join the program!

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