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K5 For Learning-Online Learning For Your Child

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Online Learning


Online learning has become extremely popular in our society today, what should parent’s look for when choosing an online learning program for their child? Since all children do not learn the same way or the same pace, you want a program which provides flexible learning, variety of learning methods provides the best learning experience for your child. Children learn the best by playing educational games, this should be a part of the learning process in a program you choose for your child. The more awards this program has under their belt, the more confidence I would have this program is serious about teaching your child. Good parental reviews is always nice to see, you should be sure you are going to receive progress reports of your child’s learning progress.


K5 Learning


K5 learning is dedicated to unlocking your child’s potential, they provide online learning for children in kindergarten to fifth grade. Online lessons and worksheets, Free Assessment of your child’s learning level to get them started right. Sample lessons available, even a bookstore you can purchase children’s resources at a very reasonable price. Feel free to watch the intro video on their website for more information, you do not even need your credit card to take advantage of the FREE 14 Day Trial. 


K5 Awards


The National Parenting Center

Diane Allen & Associates

The Old School House

Parents Choice

High Parental Reviews


K5 Online Learning For Children Kindergarten To Fifth Grade


K5 Reading


Phonemic Awareness


Sight Words


Reading Comprehension


K5 Math


Numbers & Operations



Data Analysis

Algebraic Thinking


K5 Spelling


Adaptive Instruction

Optimized Visual


150,000 Word Database


What Is On My Mind Today?


For any parent’s seeking online learning for their child this program is worth you checking out, you get a free 14 day trial with nothing to lose. You don’t even give them your credit card information until after your trial, and if you decide to enroll your child.  You probably should compare this program to others online to get a good idea how K5 rates compared to the others.

kindergarten to fifth grade online learning






  • Kien says:

    Hi there K5 learning sounds like a great program to try. The coolest thing in my opinion is you can try out for 14 days before having to give anyone credit card information.
    There are numerous programs out there that let you try out but you have to enter the credit card online. I don’t think that’s helpful.

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I do like this K5 program for young children to learn online, I hope this article gets the attention

      of some parents to check it out.


  • Kipps says:

    I fully support the idea that children should start learning online from KG onward. With the success of MOOC (Mass Open Online Courses) initiated by major universities in the US, we should be assured that the future of learning will dramatically change in our children’s time. Formal schools were created during the Industrial Age to prepare our children for the 9-5 factory or office jobs introduced by the industrialists to benefit the elites of the time. The Internet Age and IT advancement have changed every aspect of our society we have known before. The industrialists are now keen on replacing humans with robots and automation. We should better prepare our children to be more independent and mobile since formal school education could not guarantee any good job in the future.

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      Very good input on our children’s education and the available jobs in the future, I don’t see jobs being more plenntiful in the futurre if anything less.


  • Melanie says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for your article. I totally agree with you that learning online has become very popular. I have a 4year old son who would benefit a lot from learning online. A 14 day trial is worth it. After all you have nothing to lose. I will have a trial and hopefully my son will enjoy this type of learning.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Melanie,

      I wish you and your the best of luck with his online training,

      it is the way of the modern world. Soon teachers will not be

      needed or schools, causing even less jobs


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