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Keyword Tools Techniques-Research Is The Key

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Keyword Tools Techniques


Keywords are your bread and butter for a successful online business,  keyword tools are a must to rank high in the search engines. Search engine ranking determines where your article ends up on search engine pages, the higher you rank the closer your article will be to the first page.  Every business’s goal is to be on the first page of search engines,  the average searcher rarely reads more than the first few pages of search results.  Developing a good keyword technique is very important to reach this goal, you need to do much more than just find good keywords with a keyword tool. I will share with you what is working for me,  plus motivation and a positive attitude will take you a long way.


Keyword Tool Techniques


Research Is The Key


I have found through trial and error and also experimentation research is your key to success, your first steps in your research process would be to know which topics in your niche are in demand.  Have the best keyword will do you very little good if no one is interesting in the topic, next we do our best to find out what problems people are attempting to solve through their searches. The last step would be to know the keywords or phrases people are using in their searches, these simple three steps will improve in choosing better keywords.


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What People Are Into


You must know what is in demand by people online today, this research you must do regularly to keep up with the trends and fads. Depending on your niche will determine what is in demand,  focusing on a niche will assist greatly in eliminating many topics. Specializing in one niche is really your best asset,  spending a little time every day if possible on these types of  websites will give you  a good idea what people are into.


Social Media





Market Places


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How Can You Help People


For me this is a major goal in my life, I enjoy helping others and this is my main objective with my business website. So I accidentally found out assisting others with their needs helped me rank higher on the search engines,  at first this was taking up way too much of my valuable time to research what people were needing help with.  Spending too much time chatting with folks on social media was keeping me from being able to write as often as I wanted too, now I have found a much quicker method I wish to share with you.



Stock Exchange

Wiki Answers

Ask MetaFilter



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What You Have Been Waiting For


Now we have all our keyword research we need to narrow down the time it will take us to find our keywords, you should have kept a list of the topics within your niche people are into, also keep a list of the problems people are searching answers for. These two bits of important information gives you a very good idea what people are searching for, so use this information to choose what articles your going to write about on your business website.  You know people will be performing searches for this information, this not only helps your ranking on search engines it also helps you with your competitors.  Many of your competitors will not be doing such intense research as you have, so this does give you an advantage over them. This research is well worth you taking the time to do, you will receive higher on the search engines which will result in more visitors to your website and more sales.


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Keyword Tools


I will not be recommending any specific keyword tool in this article today, there are way too many of these tools to narrow down to which one is the best one for you to use. I highly recommend you experiment with several before committing to one specific tool,  many of these tools are free or give you  a free trial to test them out.  This is what I recommend you do to find which tool works best for you, what I use is a website which offers free keyword trials before you must buy them.  You have your choice of eight different keyword tools to try free, what is even better when you do find the right tool for you and wish to purchase it’s a one-time purchase. No new extra monthly expense added to your business. If you are like me you prefer to buy a one-time purchase product rather then having another monthly expense, feel free to check them out and have fun with them during your free trial even if you decide not to purchase any of them.


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Product Of The Day


business product

What Is On My Mind Today


I hope this article does motivate you to take a little more time researching, knowing what people are interested in and what problems they are seeking answers for is a great asset for your business.  This process takes less and less time the longer you do it, at first it might feel like it takes forever but in a short time you will breeze right through this process.  I included a product of the day for your convenience, sharing a product which is a good deal gives me a good feeling inside knowing I am helping you.


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