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Light Up Toys Toddlers-Toddler Toy Buying Tips

light up toys tips for parents


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Parents often become frustrated and overwhelmed with all the toys on the market today for toddlers, as parents we always want to provide toys for our children which will help them learn and develop. Toys and play is the key to your children to develop and grow, you want toys and games which keep your children’s attention, this should be your first concern when choosing toys. Secondly,  you want products which provide as many developmental benefits as possible, so what are some of the best toys to choose for your toddler?


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Light-Up Toys For Toddlers


When my sons were toddlers,  they just loved light-up toys, these toys were awesome for my sons to learn how to make them light up. Your children will explore and learn from these types of toys, there are many more light-up products for kids on the market today to choose from.  These are especially interesting toys for your toddler with special needs, so what are some of the most awesome light-up products on the market today?


  • Light-Up Gyroscopic Toys
  • Light-Up Bracelets
  • Bright Light Shoelaces
  • Spin Balls
  • Skate Boards
  • Light-Up Lei’s
  • Flashing Star Necklaces
  • Bewitching Lighted Orb’s
  • LED Jump Ropes
  • Light-Up Air Soccer
  • LED Night Disk
  • LED Sky Boards
  • Hula Hoops
  • National Geographic Animal Laser Pegs
  • Glow In The Dark Krypton Putty
  • Star Bright Necklaces


These are some of the light-up toys which are the most popular and provide the most benefits for children, if you are interested in this type of product you can find all of these in one shop at very reasonable prices.


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Toddler Toy Tips


Choosing toys for your toddler can be stressful for many parents, focusing on toys which will keep your toddler’s interest and provide them with an overall development experience is your best strategy.


  • Thinking
  • Physical
  • Language
  • Social
  • Emotional


Attention Toys


  • Light-Up Toys
  • Interlocking Blocks
  • Sand Toys
  • Water Toys



Thinking Toys


  • Puzzles
  • Shape-Sorters
  • Clay
  • Play Dough
  • Crayons


Imagination Toys


  • Dress-Up Costumes
  • Toy Tools
  • Toy Phones
  • Doll Houses
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Creative Play Spaces



Pretend Toys


  • Toy Keys
  • Toy Phones
  • Dress-Up
  • Child-Size Garden Toys
  • Room Play Spaces


Active Toys


  • Balance Bikes
  • 3 Wheel Scooters
  • Ride-On-Toys
  • Child-Size Sports
  • Pull Toys
  • Gardening Toys
  • Wagons
  • Swings Playground Equipment
  • Construction Toys



Benefits From Playing


  • Lifting
  • Dropping
  • Observing
  • Exploring
  • Pouring
  • Bouncing
  • Learning
  • Motor Skills
  • Development Skills
  • Self-Esteem
  • Confidence
  • Emotional


What Is On My Mind Today?


Choosing toys for your toddler can be overwhelming for many parents, we all want the best for our children,  and at this age toys which provides learning is what we want the most for our kids. There are many awesome products on the market to choose from for your toddler, take your time in choosing the toys for your child,  and use the tips in this article to help you.


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8 thoughts on “Light Up Toys Toddlers-Toddler Toy Buying Tips

  1. Buying toys for toddlers is a difficult choice at best but if the toy lights up in a certain way after they interacted with it makes them explore more.It will obviously stimulate the child’s curiosity and keep them occupied for ages.I Don’t have children of my own but i have these type of toys on my neighbours children and they play with them for hours.

    1. Thank You Andrew,

      Happy you had the time to visit my website and leave a comment, today it is much different choosing toys than even ten years ago. Toy Technology is advancing so quickly parents can’t keep up, I hope my articles helps parents to save some time and purchase toys  their children will enjoy and learn from.


  2. This page is full of advice and much needed knowledge for every young parent. I particularly like how you cover toys and fun learning activities for children with special needs. A dear friend of mine has a little boy with special needs. I will share your website with her as she is trying everything to help with his social skills and physical development.

    1. Thank You Karen,

      I appreciate you commenting and sharing my website with your friend, every person who has more knowledge about children with disabilities will be able to raise their child easier.


  3. Jeff, you take me back in time to some 16 years ago, when my son was just over 1 year old and used to love toy mobile phones which lit up and made a noise as you pressed buttons.
    I am completely out of touch with toddlers toys nowadays, but I’m sure the market has plenty on offer to aid all sorts of developmental skills.
    But thanks for categorising the different types of toys. Who know, I might need your help one day for grandchildren – well, hopefully not any time soon!!!

    1. Thank You

      I appreciate you reading my article and commenting, there are many developmental products on the market today with so many children with special needs. Keep me in mind when you have grandchildren, I hope you do have healthy grandchildren one day.


  4. I love how you have categorized the toys and the list given for each makes it easier for parents to select the right ones according to their child’s needs. Toys are great for motivating kids, the light up ones are fascinating. I often watch how a child is attracted to these and the amount of time they will spend exploring them.

    I think that as long as the toy is attractive and it works well, it will always captivate a child’s interest. Children love to explore with toys and they are ideal for them to discover and learn. Do you give special needs kids the same toys?

    1. Thank You carol,

      Many of the toys on the market benefit all  children, but there are special toys for special needs children which helps them learn and develop better and quicker.


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