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Omnistar Affiliate Software-Voted Number One Affiliate Software

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About Omnistar


Omnistar has been in business for over 13  years and has over 16,000 satisfied happy customers, they are voted as the number one affiliate software online today. Accurate and reliable products and services, this software has provided amazing results for big name companies for over 13 years. Very reliable and respectable reputation in the business and the software industry, affiliate marketers have complete confidence in their products and feel they are a very honest reliable company.


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That Is Not All


That is not all this company and their amazing software does for you and your business, when you have any problems at all they are right there for you.  Free dependable support 24/7, any problems they will help you solve them as quickly as possible. What you receive in your plan and the price is what you get  and pay, no hidden fees with this company. You are able to change your plan anytime without any hassles, no long-term contracts just pay as you go monthly. This  actually improves your google results, what more can you ask from a software than this?




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Guaranteed Features


Omnistar has great faith in their software, they give incredible guarantee features you will have a very difficult time turning down. They stand behind their software with pride, you can count on them doing what is right and solve any problems you might experience. I am sure you will be more than happy with your relationship with this company, you will get more than your money’s worth with this software working for you. This software does everything you would want and need for success with your business, what more can I say except check out these amazing features.


More Promotion From Your Visitors

Smart Rewards

Customized Thank You Pages

Email Templates

Popups & Forms

Discount Codes & Coupons

Auto Sign Ups

Contest Management

Feedback Survey

More Traffic & Sales


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What Will All This Cost You


You will be amazed I am sure at the very reasonable fee for all these awesome features from this software, the fee is much lower than I expected it to be.  Most marketers are paying much more and receiving less results, there are three plans to choose from. I would recommend going with the free 15 day trial before signing up for any specific plan, with the free trail  you can cancel at any time.


$ 47.95 /month Basic Plan

$ 97.95 /month Pro Plan

$ 147.95 /month Premium Plane leads and increase sales


How does the 15 day free trial work?


If you cancel your account within the first 15 days of signing up you will not be charged


Sounds Like An Awesome Software


I am very impressed with this company and their software, I am a big fan of the incredible software available today. I am like a kid at Christmas time when I purchase a new software for my business, you can have so much more success with a good software like this one. Go for the free 15 day trial and have fun playing with it, if you like it enough than consider which plan you would like to go for. You can  always start with the basic plan and upgrade later if you desire, that is what I usually do.


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What Is On My Mind Today


I just found this software last night while surfing the internet, I rarely write an article on a product. This software did impress me, so I just wanted to share this find with you. Check out this company and software, just to see for yourself what all this software can do. Cool they give you a free trial to test this software out, I hope you at least check it out even if your not interested in any new software.


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