Clayton Wolf Guitar Picks


These Clayton guitar picks are made with Acetal/Polymer, a unique material that produces clean overtones, fast release, and has a nonslip surface for sweat-soaked excursions.

Choose Style:
  • 1.26 mm 1 Dozen
  • .50 mm 1 Dozen
  • .80 mm 1 Dozen


when i got these picks i was almost afraid to use them because i thought the graphic would wear off fast but i have been playing almost non stop with 1 pick for almost a week now and so far no wear is showing on the graphic and they feel amazing too!


I love these picks Ive had for few months and they are just wonderful. The design on the picks stays very well. Some have curled slightly but if you bend back it doesn’t happen again or just turn the pick around and play it fix the issue. I have the lights and I wouldn’t change them for anything they last long.


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