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Sponsor Child U.S.-Give The Gift Of Love For Xmas

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Children In The United States


I have sponsored children organization’s ever since I was financially able,  one of my most precious organizations is sponsoring a Native American child living on a reservation. Today I want to write an article encouraging people living in the U.S.A to consider sponsoring a child living here not in another country. After you read this article, you might realize there are many needy children right here in our own country, one small donation of $ 33.00 per month can sponsor a child. If you are not able to sponsor a child monthly, consider giving a  donation?


Twenty-two percent of the children in the United States are living a life below poverty, children living in rural areas in minority communities are between forty percent and seventy percent. I really feel for all the children in the world living in such conditions, but I do feel very strongly we need to focus more on assisting the children living in our own country.


sponsoring child U.S.


Child Fund International


Can you afford $ 33.00 per month to sponsor a child, if this is in your heart please consider the Child Fund International Organization? This organization focuses on providing positive changes for their children, their main programs are improving the child you sponsor with literacy, education, and protection. This organization has been providing the needs of children since 1952, maybe you could make a difference by becoming a guardian angel?


Children Up To Five Years Old


Health and security is the main mission for children up to five years old, the program “Just Read “ is a very important program to the child fund organization. There are more children with reading problems than you might realize in our country, a good start for children in reading is when parents begin reading to them at a very young age. Less parents are reading to their children as much as in the past, many of these parents are not able to afford books once they purchase food and clothing for their children?


Children Ages Six To Fourteen


The programs for children these ages are focusing on providing them access to books, the books provided are the children’s own race and ethnicities. Learning about their heritage and being proud of who they are is important for their self-esteem, the child fund programs for these children are the reading clubs and reading festivals. The themes of these programs are ” Dr Seuss’ Birthday”, and ” Create Your Own Fairy Tale “.


Children Fifteen To Twenty-Four


Middle school and high school children are the focus of this age group, many children today are graduating high-school and are illiterate? The children who are able to read, many are not able to read well enough to attend any college. What can these children expect in the future without a college education, even minimum wage jobs in the United States requires good reading skills?


sponsoring child U.S.


Book Buddy Workshops


This program benefits both teenagers and first-grade students, the program encourages teenagers to read to these young students. Many of these young students were not exposed to reading until they started school, this program has experienced benefits for both the teenagers and the young students.


Sponsoring A Child


Imagine being able to sponsor the child of your choice, not only being able to choose the child you can choose where the child is from? The child fund makes sponsoring a child for you a positive and personal experience, many of the children and sponsors develop an extremely close relationship. Many other organization’s I have checked into you have no choice in the child your sponsor, if this interests you keep reading there is much more you and the child will receive from you being in one another’s lives?


Your Gift Of Love


If you choose to give a gift of love to a child your gift will be multiplied, child fund multiplies your monthly gift with additional funds from other sources. These other resources are from the child fund staff, partners, and local communities, all these sources combined with your gift ensures your child will be provided for.


sponsoring child U.S.


Sponsor & Child Connection


Child fund will provide you with regular progress reports of how your child is progressing, you and your child has the option to stay connected through letters and photographs. This will ensure you that your child is being provided for, I recommend choosing a child living in your country because you are able to meet your child in person if you both wish to?




Your Sponsorship will also assist your child’s community, the child’s community will be able to provide more programs for your child and the other children living in the community. This prevents any child in any community to be left behind, by improving the community your child and others will receive even more benefits.


Support System

  • Local Partners
  • Families
  • Educators
  • Community Leaders
  • Local Governments



  • Education
  • Nutrition
  • Water
  • Health Care
  • Resources


sponsor child U.S.




There are many children right here in the United States living in poverty, many are without enough food and clothing which your sponsoring them would change. Every child deserves a happy childhood, you can be a part of providing a happy childhood to your sponsored child. Your gift of love will provide your child a better happier life, you will be providing your child’s needs and improving their communities with your gift.


Sponsoring & Helping Children


Your monthly gift of $ 33.00 will be helping the child you choose yourself, maybe you are not able to afford a monthly sponsorship? If God is speaking to your heart, maybe a small donation when you can is what he has in mind for you? Another way you can help is by supporting through fundraiser’s, if any of these options appeals to you feel free to visit The Child Fund International Organization? 



Where The Children Are From?

  • United States
  • Mexico
  • Honduras
  • Guatemala
  • Ecudar
  • Brazil
  • Boliva
  • Cambodia
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand
  • Timor-Leste
  • Vietnam


sponsor child U.S.


What Is On My Mind Today?


With the budget cuts our government has done to many programs there is less assistance available for needy children, so if you choose to sponsor a child I recommend you choose an organization which provides you with able to stay in touch with your child. For me that is a very important thing when choosing an organization to sponsor a child, this gives me the peace of mind the child I chose is receiving my gift of love?


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  • James Harvey says:

    Lots of excellent information you have on your site. I learned so much about children and the heavy duties that some have with their children.

    Having a child is easy. But raising your child to become an productive citizen isn’t for the faint of heart.

    I will be sure to share this with my friends via Facebook as I’m sure they will love the information you have here.

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      I appreciate you visiting my website and commenting, I really wish to thank you for sharing my article on your Facebook page. Many people think the children are all taken care of by their parents and gov’t programs, today that is not true since the gov’t has cut many programs.


  • stella says:

    It’s nice to know that you have chosen to make more people aware of the importance of giving to the less privilege. A lot of people are suffering in this bad economy and the worst hit are children. It is so unfortunate that the Government does not see this situation as important as they should. I hope God touches peoples’ heart and they will help in whatever way they can, nothing is too little.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Ms Stella,

      I appreciate you motivating my other readers to give and spread the word we need to help one another, there are many children right in the USA who needs help as well as children in other countries.


  • Corrine says:

    What a kind heart you have. Do you know if there are any Canadian programs that help Canadian children? We sponsor a child internationally but I would also love to help here at home. I have three children and I feel so blessed that I am able to give them what they need. Terrible that many families aren’t in the position.

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I am happy you found my article interesting, yes I also wish to help children where I live. I find it easier to find children to sponsor in other countries than the USA & Canada, at this time I do not know of any organizations for sponsoring  a child in Canada but  I will keep my eye open and let you know if I find a program


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