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Starting A Business At 50

Starting A Business At 50-Prepare For Retirement

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Answer To Your Retirement Worries

Since 2014 there has been a dramatic increase in business start ups at the ages of 55-64, the reason for this is planning for retirement and making ends meet for the  already retired person. With less pensions many people 50+ are starting a business, the majority of people use the internet everyday so why not take advantage of this and start your own online business? Very little start up if you go with affiliate marketing, also you do not have the hassles of shipping the products. Another route is to provide a service, one of the best services today is focusing on the senior citizen health care.


Choosing Your Market


I recommend you take your time considering which business industry you wish to start your business, you will experience more success and enjoyment if the business of your choice is something you really have an interest in. Focusing on a specialty is the key to success, take the time to list your interests and passions. How do you spend your free time, obviously where you spend your free time is something you enjoy and have a passion for. Can this become a business, chances are you are not the only person who enjoys spending their free time the same way as you do.

Affiliate Marking


What You Need To Get Started


Figuring what you need to get your business started is a good next step once you decide on your business industry, going with an affiliate marketing business will be your least expensive route. I recommend you considering a WordPress website, you can get a free website which offers many free themes. Of all the free websites I have used, this is my recommendation to you. You will need a hosting company with your website of your choice, I recommend Blue Host. This is a good low cost hosting company less than 6.00 per month, having a domain is a good thing to give your business a professional appearance to your visitors. Choose an easy to remember name which describes what your website is all about, domain names usually cost less than 20.00 per year. The only other things you need to consider is your home office equipment and supplies, depending on what you need in office equipment and supplies your business start up for an affiliate marketing business is quite low.


Marketing Plan & Contacts


Every business should have some sort of marketing plan, this can be simply starting out promoting your business on social media websites. Then as your business grows you can increase your marketing plan to some paid advertising programs if you desire too. Many people at the age of 50+ already has some contacts they can use to assist them with their business, another good option is making new business contacts through social media websites and business communities.




Google +


Pin Interest



Email Marketing









Setting Realistic Goals


Patience and persistence is the key to starting your business, many people think you just get a website and promote your products and services on your website and the money just starts rolling in. Like any business, your online business will take time for people to find you and become confident in your business as being legitimate. The spammers online has made people more careful about ordering off websites they are not familiar with, taking the time to build a good reputation is just a part of being a business online. Making small realistic goals is your key to maintaining motivation and experiencing success, on average it takes most businesses six months to one year to receive consistent sales. Focus on making business contacts, engaging with potential customers on social media is your best business plan.


What Is On My Mind Today


What keeps me motivated is helping other people achieve their dreams of owning their own online business, this is what keeps me writing article after article just to help people like you. I spent a whole lot of wasted years struggling to even get consistent visitors to my website, I got scammed by many programs over the years and I do not want to see this happen to you.  Once you do have your business  ready for your products or services, never ever join any program which charges you. These are most often scams, no legitimate affiliate marketing program will ever charge you. Affiliate networks like Clicks Galore are sure ways your are not getting scammed, just take your time when choosing your products and services. Need any assistance contact me, my business email is

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