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how to stop an addiction from controlling your life

Steps To Stop Addiction-First Step Are You Ready To Quit

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Everyone has some type of addiction, even the person who lives an extremely healthy lifestyle has some sort of addiction. Maybe you are addicted to smoking and alcohol, maybe you are addicted to exercise? What about your favorite snacks, yes food is as much of an addiction as anything else? Food is just as difficult to overcome if you are addicted as anything else. Why do you think it is so difficult for people who develop an autoimmune disease to give up many of the foods they love? The reason is most of us are addicted to sugar and sodium, most people are highly addicted to processed foods and giving them up is very difficult for most of us to do?


Why You Want To Stop This Addiction?


Your very first step must be to convince yourself why you want to stop this addiction, most addictions are not healthy for you since you are overusing them. Even exercise if overdone can be unhealthy for you, I was addicted to exercise, and I was causing myself much pain from over exercising every day. I was not giving my body time to recover, this was very difficult for me to take days off from exercising at first.  I started by writing down all the reasons I wanted to stop my exercise addiction, there is something about when you put it into writing means a  lot more to you?



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How Will This Affect Your Life?


Often it helps people to write down how stopping this addiction will affect their life in a positive way, most addictions are going to save you money. When you are no longer purchasing these products, you are going to have more money, many people focus on what they can use the extra money for. Being able to save and afford something you have wanted is a very good motivator, another motivational reason people often look forward to is more time doing more enjoyable things, and spending more time with their family and friends.


  • More Money
  • More Time
  • Healthier
  • Confidence Booster


What Will It Take To Succeed?


What will you need to do to be successful with stopping this addiction, the most important things most people need are commitment and motivation? Figuring how you can stay committed and motivated is your key for success, one thing you must do is replace your time you used for your addiction in a new way, maybe you can start a new hobby or join the local YMCA? Spend more time outdoors in nature might be more your thing, whatever you decide is very important to keep your mind away from your addiction?


  • Join A New Club
  • Yoga Class
  • Volunteer In The Community
  • New Hobby
  • New Friends
  • New Interests


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The Plan


Now you are ready to figure out your plan to accomplish this goal, many mistakes people make is trying to go cold turkey. There is a very small amount of people who are able to just stop using their addictive substance, even food can drive a person crazy when stopping all of a sudden. Withdrawal is what drives people to give in to going back to an addiction, it is much healthier for you to gradually overcome the dependence for whatever you are addicted too. Often people will replace one addiction with another, this also is going to cause you even more problems.


  • Physically Preparation
  • Mentally Preparation
  • Choose A Long-Term Date To Complete This Goal
  • Use A Calendar & Track Your Progress
  • Journal Your Thoughts & Feelings


A Good Support System


Many people with an addiction may not have a good support system, depending on your addiction you may not have many friends or close to your family? Support groups are a very good option if you are in this situation, you can find local support groups and even online support groups to join. Avoiding people who share you past addiction is an extreme importance for success, why tempt yourself by surrounding yourself with people who are using what you are wishing to get away from?


  • Addiction Aides
  • Techniques
  • Motivation
  • Tips
  • New Friends


Know Your Triggers?


It is important to be aware of what triggers you to crave your addictive substance, many people use their addiction as a negative coping skill. You must identify your triggers and come up with a replacement, what are you going to  replace your addiction with when you experience your triggers? You can avoid some triggers by not hanging out with certain people and places, but there are some triggers you just can’t avoid, so you have to have an alternate plan?


  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Socializing
  • People


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What Is On My Mind Today?


There is no shame in having an addiction, everyone has a weakness to something which they wish to stop, the most important thing before starting any of these steps is you have to want to stop your addiction. Many people do not even know or admit they have an addiction, there are many people addicted to chocolate, or some other favorite snack food. Some addiction you can treat yourself to in moderation if you have the willpower, but for most people staying clear of anything which they are addicted too is their best strategy.


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  • omar says:

    the content was very engaging .i like the pictures each of them was very relevant to the content very good stuff

  • rob says:

    Hi Jeff, thankyou for this wonderful article, I found it really interesting. Sometimes we are oblivious to bad habits until it starts to make us really unhappy. Im really interested in the Hay House courses, Im really into Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer their some of my favourite authors and I did not no these courses existed. Thankyou again Joanne

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I also am a fan of Hay House and Wayne Dyer products, I have never taken any of the courses but I do enjoy their other resources.


  • Zoly says:

    Unfortunately, many people have addiction on something, and usually, addiction doesn’t make any good for your body. It is indeed very difficult to get rid of a bad habit and in general, you need to have good will and support. I think the steps you presented in this article can be helpful for addicts. I hope they will be strong enough to try this way.

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      Addiction is a terrible thing to overcome, especially when the addiction is going into your body.


  • Jeff says:

    Talking about addiction with friends and family can be hard, because it can be embarrassing. I am often self conscious and afraid to be judged.

    I am a smoker, and I drink on weekends. I’ve cut down on drinking, but smoking is very hard for me to quit. I’m trying to use a vape/electronic cigarette, and I know that can be healthier than smoke, but it’s still an addiction to nicotine.

    What are your thoughts on electronic cigarettes and vaping?

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      Your alternatives to smoking cigarettes are healthier, but it is still going to tough for you to stop completely. What will be your next step once you are able to give cigarettes but are hooked on the electronic ones?


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