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Beginner Guitar Riffs

beginner guitar riffs

Guitar Riffs

Beginner guitar riffs are fun and easy to learn to play, but maybe you really are not sure what guitar riffs are. Guitar riffs are a combination of notes or chords which is used in a song, Guitar riffs can be repeated in a song over and over, but guitar riffs can also be played as a solo by the lead guitarist. Most beginner guitar players will know guitar riffs from the memorable part of their favorite songs, you can find thousands of beginner guitar riffs to learn to play.

Popular Guitar Riff Songs

  • Guns And Roses-Sweet Child Of Mine
  • Metallica-Enter Sandman
  • AC / DC-Back In Black
  • Eric Clapton-Layla
  • Deep Purple-Smoke On The Water
  • Rolling Stones-Satisfaction
  • Jim Hendrix-Voodoo Child

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Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners


Easy Guitar Songs For Beginners

Everyone who has the desire to learn to play the guitar is anxious to start playing songs, you can learn to play easy guitar songs despite being a beginner. There are many easy guitar songs available to beginners which you only need to learn to play three or four chords, I know there is nothing more emotionally motivating as when you play your first song on your new guitar. When I first learned to play the guitar the songs my instructor provided were unfamiliar to me and boring to play, but you can start your search for the first song you wish to learn to play, and then learn the chords you need to play the song of your choice. This post is full of the easiest songs for beginners to learn to play, I have also shared many beginner resources as well.

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Electric Guitar Accessories

Guitar Accessories

You just bought yourself a new guitar with an amplifier to get started learning to play the guitar, so now you are wondering what guitar accessories you will need as a beginner to begin your adventure of learning to play your guitar. The wonderful thing about the guitar is all the cool accessories which you can add, but what guitar accessories do you really need to start to learn to play the guitar. You will find some of the guitar accessories are ones you really should purchase right away, but some of these guitars accessories you could wait until later. The electric guitar provides you with accessories you will not need if you have an acoustic guitar, but first lets look at the guitar accessories you will need as a beginner no matter what type of guitar you own.

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