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Beginner Guitar Riffs

beginner guitar riffs

Guitar Riffs

Beginner guitar riffs are fun and easy to learn to play, but maybe you really are not sure what guitar riffs are. Guitar riffs are a combination of notes or chords which is used in a song, Guitar riffs can be repeated in a song over and over, but guitar riffs can also be played as a solo by the lead guitarist. Most beginner guitar players will know guitar riffs from the memorable part of their favorite songs, you can find thousands of beginner guitar riffs to learn to play.

Popular Guitar Riff Songs

  • Guns And Roses-Sweet Child Of Mine
  • Metallica-Enter Sandman
  • AC / DC-Back In Black
  • Eric Clapton-Layla
  • Deep Purple-Smoke On The Water
  • Rolling Stones-Satisfaction
  • Jim Hendrix-Voodoo Child

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Best Acoustic Guitar Small Hands


Acoustic Guitars For Small Hands

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments people become interested in learning to play, but often parents purchase a guitar for their child which is not the best guitar for their small hands. Many of these children become anxious and overwhelmed with the size of the guitar they are trying to learn to play, so many children just give up the guitar because it is too difficult for them to handle the size of the guitar. The best way for parents to purchase the right size of guitar for their child is to take their child to a music store where they can try different sizes of guitars, but this is not also possible for parents to be able to do.

Parents Guide In Choosing The Right Size Guitar

The most important features of a guitar parents should consider for their child is the neck thickness and the scale length, you will also want to consider the body size and shape. Parents often purchase products which their children can grow into to save them money, but when it comes to a guitar how are parents saving money if the guitar sits in the child’s room collecting dust.

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What Is A Guitar Slide For


What Is A Guitar Slide?

If you are a beginner guitar player you might have never heard of a product referred to as a guitar slide, but this product is a very popular and inexpensive guitar product for playing slide guitar. For those of you who listen to blues music this technique is commonly used, you place your guitar slide against the guitar strings which creates a cool vibration sound.

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Taylor Guitars Acoustics-Are You Craving A Taylor Guitar

acoustic guitar buying guide

The Taylor Guitar Craving


Are you craving to own your own Taylor acoustic guitar, but you are feeling overwhelmed with anxiety which guitar is the best choice for you? You are in luck because Taylor Guitars wants you to be happy with the guitar you purchase, so they provide their potential customers a free eBook buying guide.

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Music Lovers Gift Ideas-Spring Gift Sale

spring sale at musicians friend


Music Lover Gift Ideas

Many of you have dreams of purchasing your first starter guitar to learn to play, and others have dreams of upgrading to a higher quality guitar. Well, with it being income tax return time and this spring music lover sale, you both can see your dreams come true by visiting your favorite music shop Musicians Friend.


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