Traveling On The Holidays-For Business

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Traveling On The Holidays For Business


Some business people are forced to travel for business on the holidays, for the regular business traveler the holidays are not as stressful as for the average traveler. The reason for this is the business traveler has the experience how to reduce their anxiety during holiday traveling, the busiest holidays for traveling are Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Many business employees have to work during the holidays with deadlines to meet, this must be stressful for the traveler as well and their families.


Holiday Traveling Facts


Long-distance holiday traveling increases by 54%, this might surprise you that 91% of business travelers travel via car and not by the air.  Only about 5% to 6% of holiday business traveling is via air, 2% to 3% of business travelers travel via bus, train or ship. You would think business people would travel mainly via air since it is the most efficient and quickest way to travel, I suppose business people who travel frequently know what they are doing.


Business Holiday Travel Strategy


I have no experience traveling so while researching this article I was very surprised with many of the things I am sharing with you, many business people will travel via air to the nearest city and from there travel via train or rented vehicle to their destination. This does sound like so much extra work to me, learning this makes me even less interested in traveling.


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When Going Via Air On Holidays


When travelling for business during the holidays if you could not make reservations early enough you might find yourself in seating you are not comfortable, for the regular business traveler cashing in your accumulated frequent flyer or loyalty program points is a good strategy to get the seating you are comfortable with. Many business people will save these points for holiday traveling, experience does ease your anxiety and stress traveling on the holidays for business.


Traveling Apps To Consider


Jet Smarter ( Private Flight Traveling )

Pack Point ( What You Should Pack Ideas )

World Mate ( Business Travel Itineraries )


Time & Anxiety Savers


Were you aware you are able to avoid check in lines, it is true you can avoid check in lines and baggage drops by doing it online. Packing light is another good strategy for travelling on the holidays, carry on bags with the majority of your basic essentials is recommended by business people who travel frequently.  Another option I would never have thought of is to ship your luggage and important documents to your business destination, you can do this through Fed-Ex and UPS. Smart business people carry cash when traveling on the holidays, this seems very odd to me since carrying cash while traveling I always thought was a risky thing to do. Planning is the key to holiday traveling no matter which way you plan to get to your destination, 25% of arrival times are late on the holidays. Cancelled travel arrangements happen about 5% of the time, your best plan during the holidays is to have a back-up plan.


What Is On My Mind


I do not know about you but I would never desire to travel during the holidays for business, I hope this article is useful if you happen to have to travel for business on the holidays. I have learned a great amount of information writing this article, I hope you found this information interesting and useful. Feel free to share this article with any of your business travelers, this information may reduce their anxiety if they have to travel for business.


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