Using Blogging To Promote Your Business-Writing To Solve Your Readers Problems

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Writing To Solve Your Readers Problems


Blogging to promote your business will give you the most success when you focus on solving your readers problems,  your readers will become very loyal to you when your main intention is to help them.  Engaging and building positive relationships with your readers should be your main objective, write your heart out for your readers and you will receive many benefits and loyal readers for a long time.  I always encourage my readers to leave me comments, leaving comments helps me to write better articles on topics you wish to read about. So please leave me comments on what you are having problems with,  I will do my best to research and write articles to help you solve your problems. Help me to help you that is all I ask from my readers.


Article Content Traffic


The Benefits


When you focus on writing for your readers you will enjoy a nice variety of benefits, people are very loyal to blogs who have them in mind.  Never fill your blog with more advertisements for your products and services than useful content, people online are not stupid they will see very clearly your true intention is only to make money and you do not have their best interest in mind. You do not like to be used or scammed, so do not do this to the people who read your blog.


Build A Loyal Audience Of Readers

Engage With Your Readers

SEO Ranking

60% Business Success

Give Your Business Your Personality

Increased Traffic

Increased Sales

Long-Term Loyalty


Business Blog Benefits


The Disadvantages


There is no doubt the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of writing a business blog,  believe it or not there still are business’s which do not write a  blog. Your business blog is one of your most efficient marketing tools,  low cost compared to most other marketing tools and strategies business’s use today.  Blogs are very addictive to their readers if they are supplying them with problem solving information, often these will be where readers go first to find answers to their problems.  This is the easiest method of building your email list,  many people everyday sign up for email delivery blogs.


Time Consuming

Blog Maintenance

Technical Issues

Requires Motivation & Inspiration


Must Post Regularly


Writing A Business Blog


Writing Your Business Blog


I am positive you can see the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of writing your business blog, more business’s rank higher in search engines than ones without a blog.  Very easy and convenient method to build your email list,  I know myself I often refer back to the same blogs which provides me the best and the most interesting information.  I would seriously consider adding a blog to your website if you do not have one,  the most difficult issue most bloggers experience is to consistently provide interesting and creative posts.  There are some nifty solutions for this as well, possibly that will be a future blog post I will share with you.  I encourage you to leave me comments on any topics related to my website you wish me to research and write in the future, as I shared earlier in this article I can’t help you unless you help me understand what your problems are.


 Writing Your Blog



Business Blog Strategy


Always write for your readers, plan to write regularly to keep readers coming back. Provide useful advice and tips on topics related to your website niche, give good sound guidance your readers can use. When possible I enjoy sharing my experiences related to any topic I write, one experience I have is you receive much more returning readers by focusing on writing for them and not to promote your products and services. I do share some banners and text links in my posts for my readers convenience, this does help your readers be  aware of products and services available in the market at this time.  I advise you not to over do your banners and links in your articles, giving the impression your an advertising board is often a turn off to many readers.


Answer Questions Solve Problems

Limit Products & Service Links

Tips, Advice & Guidance

Use Keywords In Content

Submit To SEO

Guest Posts

Social Media Posts

Automatic Publication (Hoot Suite )

Embed Videos (YouTube)


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