weighted blankets for children benefits and risks

What Are Weighted Blankets For-Benefits And The Risk

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Weighted Blankets


Weighted blankets have many more benefits than risks, but the risk is something every parent should know before using this product for their infant. The weighted blanket provides pressure and sensory input for the autistic and special needs child, this is the most effective calming tool for the majority of children with calming and sleeping problems.


Weighted Blanket Risk


There is only one serious risk factor parents needs to be aware of before purchasing a weighted blanket, there has been some children  who experienced unknown death during their sleep while using this blanket. There is no  connection to this product has anything to do with these deaths, but it is something for parents to be aware of and if you choose to use one of these products close supervision is advised. Ever hear of sudden infant death syndrome, maybe you know it as crib death? I just felt it was something parents should be aware of, children are too precious to take any chances losing them. Sudden infant death syndrome or crib death is also known as SID’s, so when your child is using this blanket as an infant be extra careful and watch them closely.


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Weighted Blanket Benefits


  • Sleeping
  • Sense Of Security
  • Increases Production Of Serotonin
  • Increases Production Of Melatonin
  • Calms Children With Autism & Special Needs
  • Helps Overcome The Sensitivity To Be Touched
  • Pacifies Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Improves Cognitive Functioning


Children Which Benefits Most


  • Problem Unwinding
  • High Energy Children
  • Sensory Processing Disorders
  • Autistic Children
  • Special Needs
  • Behavior Disorders
  • Hyperactive


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How To Choose The Right Weighted


Occupational therapists recommend you choose a weighted blanket by 10% of your child’s body weight plus one or two extra pounds, you don’t want too heavy of a weighted blanket for your child, This extra weight could be dangerous for your child, this could restrict them from being able to get out bed quickly in an emergency and also if they become tangled and the weight could suffocate them. For parents who wish to be safe, there are other weighted products which will provide the same benefits with less risks.


  • Blankets
  • Vests
  • Neck Wraps
  • Lap Pads


Help For Parents



What Is On My Mind Today?


For any parents or grandparents reading this article, if I was purchasing a weighted product for my own child I would consider the weighted vest. This is only my opinion and for my own peace of mind, I would be waking up all the time checking on my child sleeping with a weighted blanket. There is no evidence these blankets are unsafe for your child, there has not been enough instances to connect the weighted blankets with the deaths of children who happened to be using them. I just feel out of all the weighted products the vest seems the safest to me, whichever product you choose supervise your child closely especially when they are under three years old.


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  • Eril says:

    This is the first time I have heard about weighted blankets for children, I suppose because I don’t have any of my own. I guess some children would find it comforting. for me the word ‘claustrophobic’ comes to mind (without trying to be negative). I would like to carefully observe my child with the blanket before deciding.

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      Weighted blankets are very beneficial for children, especially special needs children. I would prefer using the vest myself with my own child, instead of the blanket but this is something every parents must decide.


  • Joanne Hakaraia says:

    I first came across weighted blankets at a health and disability expo several years ago. They were specifically marketed toward autistic children and adults. There were several case studies available to read, and some very positive testimonials from parents / caregivers and teachers of autistic children.
    There is blanket available for dogs, which is similar in concept, but instead of it being weighted, it is made to be firm fitting and gives the sense of being ‘hugged’. It’s for dogs who suffer anxiety, which is common.
    I hadn’t thought about the concept being used to comfort and settle infants – but it makes so much sense!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Ms. Hakarala

      Thank you for commenting and sharing your experience at the health and disability expo, weighted products for children are becoming very popular especially with special needs children. I am more partial to the weighted vests myself, I just feel they are safer than the weighted blankets and gives me less anxiety.


  • Garrett says:

    This is exactly what i’m looking for. My sister has one of these weighted blankets and it’s there go-to whenever they need to put there baby to bed. I just had a baby of my own, i knew it was going to difficult, but not this difficult lol. It’s like my baby doesn’t sleep, always up and on the move. I’m going to for sure look into this product, great review.

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