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best kayak for beginners

What Is The Best Kayak For A Beginner-What To Consider

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Best Types Of Kayak’s For Beginners


There are several types of kayaks to choose from, with this in mind be careful to research before going out and purchasing the first kayak you find? The two best types for beginners are your sit on top kayaks and recreational kayaks, I prefer the sit on top kayak myself, but both of these are good choices for your first kayak. Which kayak is best for you depend on many things, first lets look into more about each one of these kayaks.


Recreational Kayak


One of the most important things to consider with the recreational kayak is they perform their best on calm waters, these kayaks are not recommend for beginners on swift current waters. They become difficult to maneuver on this type of water conditions, the recreational kayak is a length of 10-12 foot. These are best used on calm rivers, ponds, and lakes, these are good choices for beginners, fishermen, photographers, and people just wishing to cruise around in their kayak.


  • Affordable
  • Easy To Handle On Calm Water
  • Good Stability


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Sit On Top Kayaks


As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, this is the kayak I recommend for beginners, this kayak you are sitting above the water levels. This makes it very easy for people to get in and out of this type of Kayak, this is especially the kayak you want to consider for children. This is a much safer kayak for kids than the recreational kayak, you will find this kayak length ranges from 10 foot to 15 foot. This does make transporting something you want to consider, typical this type is wider and slower which is another reason I recommend it for beginners, especially young children? You will find this very stable and safe for your children to use,


  • Very Stable
  • Self Bailing Drain Holes
  • Holds Singles & Doubles Easily
  • More Storage Space For Gear
  • Great Choice For Kids, Fishing & Cruising


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What Is On My Mind Today?


If you are purchasing your first kayak, these two types are your best choices? Now if you have experience with using kayak’s, there are many others you are able to consider? What things to consider are the lengths, widths, the depth of the kayak, and the weight capacity, shorter kayaks are much easier to control than longer kayaks. Wider offers more stability, the deeper your kayak the more room you will experience. Consider the weight especially if you plan on carrying very much gear, these are the things I would consider when purchasing your first kayak?


The best kayaks for you to enjoy your summer fun this year



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  • Jeremy Hood says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for these recommendations for beginner kayaks.

    I would really like to get one but I have a storage problem in that I really don’t have a good spot to keep a good kayak.

    However, I have seen inflatable kayaks, are those any good? If so, do you have a recommendation?

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      Actually there are inflatable kayaks and folding kayaks, I have not ever seen either of these but they are

      suppose to be durable and you can repair them if they become damaged.


  • Simon says:

    We have a nephew and niece who are just approaching teenage years and keep mentioning they would love to learn how to Kayak, so these two are total beginners.

    We have a small lake near us where they can learn the ropes to boating and Kayaking so we are talking calm waters which is crucial for beginners.

    These sit on top kayaks sound very stable and I think around the 10 ft mark sounds ideal for learning in as they will be easier to control when compared with a 15 ft size and for transporting too, as we will require a roof rack for the car so we’ll have to watch the length.

    Your article has spurred me on to learn kayaking too, do you get out on the water often?
    Thanks for your kayak beginners advice,

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      Kayaking is a very affordable hobby to pursue, your nephew and niece will be safe and sound in the kayak which they sit on top instead of down in the kayak. 10 ft is the best size for beginners, I am sure you all will enjoy the sit on top kayak just as I do.


  • Jim says:

    Throughout the years, I have known kayakers and, have accompanied them to various whitewater locations. I’ve been on the Ocoee River and the Nantahala River to name a few…but, I’ve only been in a raft. I’ve never used a kayak.

    These kayakers were experienced, though…using the sit-in type fiberglass kayaks with a sealable spray skirt to keep out the water.

    I’m seriously considering getting my own kayak…but a sit-on-top version as described in your article. Do you know if there are some good, durable sit-on-top kayaks for whitewater?


    • admin says:

      Thank You

      Recreational kayaks are not recommend for white water traveling, but sit on top kayaks are recommended and are easier to get out and in if you happen to over turn in fast moving water.


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