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how special needs children are learning with electronic tablets and apps

What Is The Best Tablet For Kids-Tablets-Apps And Special Needs Children

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Special Needs Children


If you are going to do anything for your special needs child, consider purchasing them their own personal electronic tablet, these are priceless for these children to learn to their potential. Such a small investment for the results your child will receive, there are many apps available which will make using these tablets easier and more productive for your child, some of these apps are even free.




These mobile devices are very beneficial to our special needs children today, many of these children would not be doing nearly as well without these mobile devices. Touch screens are preferred by the majority of these children, many of them have some motor skills disabilities and the touch screen is very valuable for them. These mobile devices motivate many of these children to learn, today you can personalize these devices to customize them for your child’s personal needs. One of the best things is the software is self paced which benefits these children, some kids learn quicker than others so this is important to consider depending on your child’s learning disabilities.


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Tablet Features


  • Mobile
  • Voice Over
  • Zoom
  • Large Font
  • White On Black Display
  • Closed Captioning
  • Voice Control
  • Mono Audio


Provides your child with a voice even when they are non-verbal, enables blind children to learn with voice support. Tablets provide a child to learn with texts and symbols, reading and writing and much more. Using these devices and free application are an inexpensive learning tool for your child, tablets and apps are being designed more and more for these kids in mind.


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Tablets & Apps For Autistic Children


  • Effective Learning Tool Which  Enhances Learning & Independence For Autistic Children
  • Offer Advantages Which Are Versatility In Programming
  • Relatively Easy For These Children To Use
  • Attracts These Children’ Attention


These devices aids autistic children to be able too:

  • Communicate
  • Learn Socialization Skills
  • Structure Their Daily Environments
  • Progress To Their Next Task With Screen Color Changing
  • Provides Alternate Ways Of Communication
  • Simplifies Interaction
  • Interaction Is Predictable For These Children To Understand


Tablets & Apps For ADHD


  • Mind Mapping
  • Visual Based Tools
  • Visual Timetables
  • Organize Thoughts In Visual Way
  • Execute Functions ( Memory, Concentration, Organization )
  • Apps Walk Kids Through Complex Processes
  • Able To Manage Priorities Better


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Tablets & Apps For Dyslexia


  • Personalized Settings
  • Productive Text & Speech Output
  • More Control Through Interface To Set Up Options
  • Font Size
  • Color
  • Background
  • Speech Support
  • Easy To Highlight Words
  • Zooming In For More Detail


Children with reading problems are able to listen to the text which enabled them to comprehend much easier than attempting to read text, these children also benefit from speech recognition which enables them to transcribe anything with their words.


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Special Needs Tablets



What Is On My Mind Today?


There are many tablets to choose from which are especially for children with special needs, there are new apps being added to the market all the time especially for these children. With so many children with special needs tablets and apps are being designed with them in mind, even though tablets were not designed at first to be an educational product that is exactly what they have become for these children.


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  • Jeannie Brickley says:

    I like the idea of using the tablet for teaching special needs children. We tend to think of tablets as a toy; but your post shows that they can be so much more. Autistic children, blind children, learning disabled children, etc, can all learn and benefit. I think music is a great help too; and it could be played on these devices. It’s great to see that there are many apps now that are targeted toward teaching learning disabled children. Everyone can learn. Some just need other methods than the norm.

    Thanks for a good review of tablets for kids.


    • admin says:

      Thank You Jeannie,

      Happy you found my article interesting, many parents do not realize the potential tablets can do for their child’s learning and education. Tablets were not invented for education, but many schools are using them to reach now with positive results.


  • Cleshe Rice says:

    This was truly an amazing read! I have an autistic son that has some issues with connecting things mentally and socially. I never thought about the tablet being used as a learning tool to help with learing disabilities. I was one of those parents that looked at video games and the wonderful world-wide web in a negative light. Your article really shed some light on my close minded opinion when it comes to tablets, apps and some of the games that might be able to help my son in areas i could not. Thanks for the share!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Cleshe Rice,

      I thank you for sharing with my readers your opinion and thoughts today, many of us think of the internet as a bad influence on our children. I have come to the conclusion it is all on how we use the internet which makes it a positive or negative experience for our children, parents must supervise their child when on the internet to be sure they are being influenced in a positive way.


  • Anna Weiss says:

    Both the adolescents in my family have tablets of their own, and I definitely agree that kids LOVE using them. There are a lot of ways to use tablets as teaching tools for kids, but there are also a lot of ways a kid can get distracted using their tablet. Do you have any advice for limiting a child’s screen-time? What’s a good daily scedual?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Anna,

      You should be supervising the child while they are using the tablet for educational purposes, it is recommend a child should spend no more than two hours on a tablet at one time. Children need breaks from technology, when they don’t often this can be a trigger for anxiety.


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