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how to overcome thinking negative

What To Do When You Have Negative Thoughts-How To Enjoy Life Again

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Negative Thinking


Everyone has negative thoughts from time to time, but when your negative thoughts become automatically every day this can be a major problem for you. Negative thoughts are our brains survival strategy to watch out for things which are not right to protect us against from danger, if you experience chronic negative thinking you know this is not a positive strategy? This way of thinking often seems to just invite bad things to happen to us, did you ever notice people who are positive experience more good things happening to them than bad?


What Causes Negative Thinking?


Since you are reading this article, I imagine either you have this problem or someone you know does, what is the cause the majority of time for people thinking negatively all the time is your anxiety. This type of thinking problem is a common symptom for people who experience chronic anxiety, when you become anxious your brain chemistry changes the way you think. These bad thoughts as you know increases your anxiety, for some people they might be experiencing a negative thought disorder causing this way of thinking?


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Generalized Anxiety

Panic Disorder

Social Anxiety


Anxiety, Depression & Stress


For the majority of people, anxiety, depression and stress are their triggers for this way of thinking, most people who learn how to manage their stress will also reduce their anxiety and depression. When you are able to reduce all three of these triggers, you are on your way to improving your way of thinking. Many people with anxiety-related disorders struggle to manage their symptoms, maybe this if familiar to you and your thinking right now how do I reduce my triggers?

life begins with your health


What To Look For?


The key to changing your way of thinking is to catch yourself starting to think negatively, for many people this is not as easy as it sounds. When you have developed this bad habit and it is natural, you must start to really pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Knowing some things to watch out for will give you a good start, how many of these things do you know you do most days?


Over Reacting

All Or Nothing Thinking

Negative Self-labeling

Dwelling On Your Past

Being A Perfectionist


Now What ?


Now that you know some things to watch out that you are doing and thinking, hopefully you can start catching yourself doing these things and thinking this way. When you catch yourself stop yourself right then, use your self positive talk and replace your negative thought or thoughts with positive ones. This will take some time to become natural for you, but that is the way your negative thinking started as well.


Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts

Positive Self-Talk

Journal Your Negative Thoughts

Guided Meditation

Relaxation Techniques

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What Is On My Mind Today?


Are you thinking negative right now about these tips working for you, well if so replace those negative thoughts with positive thoughts right now? You must start to reprogram your brain’s way of thinking again, as you become more positive your brain chemistry will become healthier and this will reduce your anxiety and depressive thoughts. Starting to introduce these coping skills into your life every day will eventually improve your tolerance for the stress in your life and reduce your anxiety and depression.


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Journal Your Negative Thoughts

Guided Meditation

Relaxation Techniques

Negative Thinking Strategies



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  • Norman says:

    Hello and thanks for sharing, life was meant to be enjoyed therefore we should do all that we can to ensure that we get the most out of life. Now in this world in which we live there are so many things that van cause us to be negative, but what we need to understand is that those things are out of our hands, what we can do is pray and do our part. Life is what we make it so we need to be thankful for what we have and do all that we can to stay happy and be positive at all times. Thanks for sharing your awesome post.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Sir,

      I appreciate you sharing your comment and giving us some of your experience on life, life is too short to not enjoy it as much as possible. Often we allow our stress to interfere with our happiness, learning to reduce your stress, anxiety and depressive thoughts are important for us all.


  • Asen says:

    Hello there,

    Dealing with negative thoughts can be a very frightening and difficult task.
    Before we notice, we can be drawn into a sea of negativeness.
    That is why the techniques you describe must be applied.
    I always tent do stay positive and to think positively but you have ot admit that it simply cannot work in any situation, especially when one is under a heavy stress.
    However i do believe that we can change our behavior, one step at a time.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Asen,

      I agree with you completely, being positive and motivated is the first step to rid ourselves from negative thinking


  • Jen says:

    I have panic disorder and OCD. Two very difficult things to live with. Some days are great, others not so much. The OCD can be overbearing and send me into panic attacks. Vice versa, my anxiety can exacerbate my OCD. I do find that the busier I stay the better. I have gone on medication in the past but I never liked it, always looking for encouragement and ways to get around medicating. Love finding self improvement websites. Thanks for sharing.

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      I am sorry Jen to hear you are experiencing these two health problems, medications should be a last resort in my opinion when all else fails but many people take the easy route by going on meds which are not healthy since they are not natural and mix well with our body chemistry


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