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how to start your own online business

What To Look For In Your Niche-Choosing Your Theme Pages

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How To Start Your Own Online Business


You have a very good start with your new website about now, you have your about page and privacy page completed. So what is next, the next tutorial is on choosing and setting up your theme pages.  Theme pages are basically the topics within your specialized niche you are going to be writing about. You  will understand this much better once you begin the tutorial on theme pages, if you desire you can visit some websites and get some ideas but do not copy someone else’s website just use their website pages to get some ideas for your own website.


First Tutorial Assignment


All the tutorials are very easy to follow their step by step lessons, your first task as Kyle calls them will be to choose 3 themes or topics for your theme pages. The tutorial will make this much simpler for you with examples you can follow, wealthy affiliate is about making money so of course your theme would be on helping other make  money online.

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Choosing Your Topics


Your second task in the tutorial will be to choose 10 topics you wish to write about on your theme pages, I always choose something I have a deep passion for and know quite a bit about. It does make it more interesting if you are really into whatever your planning to write about, do not become overwhelmed with these assignments the tutorial will make this very simple and easy to understand.



Theme Home Pages


This is the final task you must complete in this tutorial, the tutorial will give you step by step how to create your themes you have chosen theme home pages. Please do not allow this to overwhelm you, I promise you its is much easier then it  sounds when your doing it step by step in the tutorial. At least take a peek at this tutorial and see what you think, remember this is the 4th lesson in the wealthy affiliate boot camp tutorial so by the time you reach this tutorial you will be a much better website designer. Here is your link to the tutorial for this article, just click on the image and off you go into the 4th lesson of the wealthy affiliate boot camp tutorial.

how to start your own online business

Final Thoughts


Well I have just shared with you the 4th free tutorial lesson in the wealthy affiliate boot camp, I do hope you are beginning to see how simple Kyle has made these tutorials for you. Even if you get stuck in any of these tutorials, I am going to be available to help you out anytime. Plus you have free access to the live chat, even better you can post your question and one of the affiliates will respond with the answer to whatever your problem might be. I promise you will never find such awesome support in any other affiliate program you sign up for, we are a family and once you sign up for your free membership you also are one of the family.

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