Why Are People Afraid Of Success-What Is Success To You

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What Is Success To You?


Success does not mean the same for everyone, some people see success as having a big bank account. Other people feel successful by accomplishing their goals. Maybe having your dream career is what success is to you, having many friends and being happy could be what success is as well. Many people sabotage their own success, what are some habits which successful people practice to succeed?


Habits To Succeed


What are some habits which successful people use regularly, most successful people focus not on being busy but being productive? Getting things done which brings them closer to achieving their goals is what they focus on most days, people who are successful think nothing of taking risks to succeed. These people focus on setting smart realistic goals, they also understand taking care of themselves with a balanced lifestyle is an important key for them to be successful.




High Self-Esteem

Good Communicators

No Fear Of Failure








The most common reason the majority people are afraid of success is their fear of the unknown, people who are not risk takers most often become anxious at the thought they might fail. Many times these people subconsciously sabotage their own success by allowing their anxiety to get the best of them, usually these people have big dreams but talk more and act less to make their dreams come true. Many times their anxiety keeps them up late at night with negative self talk, these people rob themselves of being successful all due to their fears of failing.


Toxic Relationships


Often people who struggle to succeed with their dreams and goals experience toxic relationships with their partner, this fear of failing and not accomplishing what they start out to do over and over often causes them relationship problems. Sadly, many love partners do not understand their partners jumping from project to project never accomplishing any of them, many partners become frustrated and even think their partners are just too lazy to be successful. Many times the relationships becomes toxic, usually when this happens the love relationship is over.





Many times these people sabotage their success by being too perfect, they are so concerned about not failing they spend too much time trying to be perfect. Often they never accomplish what they start out to do, the reason is they can never feel their project is perfect. Being perfect most often causes people more problems than success, these people just are not happy with what they are doing so never experience the success.


Fear Of Being Wealthy


In today’s world it is hard to believe anyone could fear having too much money in their bank account, but there are people who has the fear if they are successful and wealthy they will be looked down upon. This type of person most often lives and is motivated by their heart and their values, money can actually sabotage them being successful. Instead of focusing on being successful they are focusing on how they will be judged by others, again anxiety and negative self talk is sabotaging this type of person from being a success.



Fear Of Attention


How does being the center of attention sound to you, many people allow the thought of being the center of attention sabotage their success? This type of person usually is an introvert, very quiet personality type and spends much of their time doing things alone or with one good friend. This person experiences anxiety whenever in larger groups of people, most often these people avoid situations where there are large crowds such as music concerts just for one example.


Fear Of Change


Making dramatic changes is extremely a challenge for many people, change just plain scares most people. This again is the fear of the unknown, when we are making changes most of the time we have no idea what the results might be? The unknown scares the majority of people looking for success, the people who succeed are the ones who think positive and use their dreams and goals to motivate them to succeed. Focusing on dreams and goals you want more than anything else often gives you the courage to succeed, more people miss out on success simply because their fears are stronger than their dreams.



What Is On My Mind?


Learning to enjoy success seems to be something many people have difficulty with, anxiety affects all aspects of our lives. Very few people does not experience anxiety and fear when working towards their dreams and goals, for many people starting out with small, less scary goals and accomplishing them will build their confidence and allow them bigger success in the future. No matter how big or small the success might be for you, it is a major accomplishment to succeed in anything you do.


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