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Why Use Social Media For Business-What Works For Me

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Why Use Social Media For Business


Social media is your best free source to form a close relationship with more people then you possibly could in any other way,  people spend much of their time on social media websites today. These websites are the social outlet for our society, family and friends are scattered out today for employment so this is the most convenient and efficient way for them to keep in touch.  People are always searching for information on something, these website have become a place many people search for these answers.


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What Works For Me


I have had positive success forming close relationships with my readers through these websites, this is my only source I am using to promote my business. Possibly down the road I will consider paid advertising, but for now social media is giving me consistent readers on my websites. What works for me might surprise you to hear, but I do not sell on my social websites. I share information from my own experiences and training through my affiliate program.


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Like everyone I use free photographs with my posts, I will admit I spend quite some time until I find the right photograph I wish to use with my posts. I find using unique and interesting photographs I receive more views from people on my social websites. I love photographs which expresses what my post is all about, I look for the most emotional expressive photographs I can find .


Headlines & Titles


Your headlines & titles on your post is the next most important step in attracting your readers attention, I try to use headlines & titles which will catch the eye and attention by posting a solution to a problem.


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My Posts


I always customize my posts if the website has custom settings, taking the extra time to give your post a unique appearance to all the other posts is a big bonus in attracting more people to view your posts. Posting multiple times on a website and at various times of the day gives more people the opportunity to see your posts, also I often use different photographs and headline titles with each post. Good idea to keep track of what time your posting to get a good productive schedule so your posting at peak times, beware all websites do not have the same peak times.




Ask Questions


I try to ask questions as well at times in my posts to encourage engagement from people on these websites, the more engagement the better for people getting interested in your business. You can even ask your readers what they are most interested in you writing about, give the people what they want  will keep coming back to your website.


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Final Thought


What motivates me to be as creative as I possibly can and experiment is from my affiliate training program, you will learn so many easy but very efficient methods to get free traffic to your website and so many other valuable things to have success in your business. I hope my article and these resources helps you with your own social media, remember my affiliate program is totally free so you can join up anytime.


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